Top 5 Large Electric Cars, Summer 2023

Welcome to Electric Road’s ‘Top 5 Large Electric Cars’ Summer 2023 in association with Xcite Car Leasing.


At Electric Road, our key objective is to be as useful as we possibly can be for those considering their first or next electric car and related products & services. Finding the right electric car is clearly the most important part of the process! In an ever-growing market there are many considerations (budget-aside) such as should you buy new or used and how you are actually going to use the car.


Just so you know, we only consider a particular make & model when we’ve received a minimum of 20 Top 5 EV Surveys. For the ‘Large Electric Car’ category, we base it on cars with a length of 4,501mm or more.



Owner Ratings

Based on the 5-bolt rating system from over 4,000 Top 5 EV Surveys received up to and including 30th June 2023, Electric Road has extracted the top 5 highest-rated large electric cars. Within the review forms, all owners have to provide an overall bolt rating out of 5 on their current car. We’ve then worked out the average rating for each make & model.


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We hope this summary of EV owners’ opinions will help you make the right decision when the time comes to purchase your first or next electric car. Given how quickly the electric vehicle market is growing, the ‘Top 5 Large Electric Cars’ will be updated each quarter ensuring you have the latest owner feedback from Electric Road.



Top 5 Large Electric Cars




1. KIA EV6 (4.89)


The KIA EV6 is back on top spot with owners still loving its range, space, performance plus KIA’s 7-year warranty.



Here’s what some of our owners think about their KIA EV6:


‘Loved the style, the range is good, space in the car is good, the tech that comes in the GT-Line S model shows excellent value for money.’

GT-Line S 2023, IRO. Read the full Owner Review here


‘I’d been thinking of changing to an EV since 2020, having driven hybrids from Toyota and Lexus since 2005. The Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2 were on my shortlist until the EV6 was announced in April 2021 and I placed a pre-reservation right away. I wanted a car with close-to-300-miles range (I have a regular 240-mile journey) but it was the aesthetics of the EV6 which immediately enthused me.


It’s a beautifully-resolved design, with terrific surfacing and proportions. The 800V architecture for fast charging and the strong performance, especially in AWD dual motor form, were added benefits. Also, I was reassured by Kia’s 7-year warranty and their excellent track record of building reliable and efficient EVs with the e-Niro and Soul EV.’

GT-Line AWD 77kWh 2021, Martin J. Read the full Owner Review here


‘We needed a family car to replace our fossil-burning Volvo. As soon as I saw the pre-launch pictures and specification of the EV6 I was pretty sure it would fit the bill. Inside there is plenty of space for 5 adults, although the middle rear seat isn’t quite as comfortable as the rest, despite the flat floor.


The boot is plenty big enough for daily use and the car looks really good too. Performance is amazing for a 2-tonne car and a real-world 250+ mile range is great, especially as it can charge on a DC rapid charger at over 200kW (if you can find one that fast). The 7-year warranty on all Kia cars is also a big bonus and was a major factor in my decision-making process.’

GT-Line S AWD 2022, Rick O. Read the full Owner Review here


‘I like the look, the driving experience, the range and the features.’

GT-Line S 2022, Vrf28. Read the full Owner Review here


‘Loved the design, read lots of reviews on lots of different EVs and the EV6 seemed to tick more boxes than a lot of the others. Good selection of kit included and actually like the fact that there are currently only three trim levels and not lots of optional add-ons which means it’s easier to compare prices of other EVs.’

GT-Line S 77kWh 2022, Nige. Read the full Owner Review here


What are the standout technological features of the car?

  • ‘800v architecture – superfast charging
  • remote heating/cooling including seats, windows, mirrors and steering wheel
  • leaves lots of sports cars behind because of instant torque.’

EV6 77.4kWh 2022, Carl. Read the full Owner Review here



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2. Tesla Model 3 (4.86)


Tesla Model 3 owners are continually impressed with the range, charging infrastructure & level of tech the car has.




Here’s what some of our owners think about their Model 3:


‘Leased through company scheme and while BIK was low, the monthly cost through our salary sacrifice scheme meant I could afford a Model 3. That aside, I’ve test driven other EVs and already own another EV and the Tesla was the best option in my available range of cars at the time.


I am an aircraft design engineer by trade and therefore the minimalist design packed with both useful and fun features attracted me to the Tesla range. I also feel that as Tesla are a young company compared to the other mainstream car OEMs, they have the edge on being able to be innovate and can approach things with a different and more agile attitude. They can react quicker than the process driven other manufacturers. These qualities I know will mean good through-life ownership of the vehicle and this is proving to be true with the over the air software updates that can even adjust such items as suspension set up. Visionary.’

SR+ 2020, Ash. Read the full Owner Review here


  • ‘I love how responsive it is – it drives as fast as you can think, basically
  • I love how it is regularly being improved because so much of it is software-based
  • I love that Tesla is thinking afresh about how to deliver the best cars they can – they are not weighed down by brand expectations or car industry dogma.’

Standard Range Plus 2021, Joe R. Read the full Owner Review here


‘Range, performance, equipment, quality, superchargers, not an SUV. As a ‘stress-free, do everything’ car, I don’t think anything competes with the smaller Teslas. It feels special, has extraordinary acceleration (which doesn’t get boring) and handles really well. My family were sold on the tech, including the entertainment and more frivolous features that make the car fun. For the first time ever I’m likely to replace it like-for-like.’

Long Range 2021, Oli. Read the full Owner Review here


‘I’ve always been inspired by how Tesla have driven EV development. I’m sure I’ll own other makes of EV but starting with a Tesla made sense to me.’

SR+ 2021, Sarah P. Read the full Owner Review here



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3. Jaguar I-PACE (4.81)


The I-PACE is loved by owners for its performance and all-round quality.




Here’s what some of our owners think about their I-PACE:


‘Looked at a few, choice was down to the Jaguar I-PACE or the Kia EV6. I took a test drive in both. The Jaguar I-PACE won on looks and drive, it’s exceptionally quick and a very smooth ride. It feels like and looks like a normal car, no space age feeling. Cost was more but worth the extra.’

I-PACE 90kWh 2021, Simon Cutler. Read the full Owner Review here


‘Wanted an electric car to replace my Jaguar XF after wife got a Nissan LEAF and realised how good electric traction is. The specs for the I-PACE in advance of the launch looked good. Enough range, 4-wheel drive, space for 4 adults in comfort and 5 if needed. Fantastic looks too.


On getting a test drive and also driving around Oulton Park race track, the handling and performance were absolutely top draw. Unfortunately, it was a bit out of our price range initially but eventually we were able to afford one. Specced with 18″ rims and all-season rubber as we live on the edge of the Peak District. Performance in snow is exemplary. The I-PACE is able to (effortlessly) drive in conditions my XF with winter tyres could not have coped with. The car is able to drive in up to 550mm of water (air suspension) so useful in Lake District for example.’

HSE 2020, John B. Read the full Owner Review here


‘Unlike many electric cars, the I-PACE is a car manufactured by a prestigious brand, the quality is superior to most and just so happens to be electric and full of technology. I didn’t want a car built by a technology company with very poor build quality. This is the best of both worlds in my eyes.’

HSE 90kWh 2018, Martyn Winspear. Read the full Owner Review here


‘Design and overall form and shape, battery size and range, engine power, interior quality & brand name. At the time of purchase, the only alternatives were the Tesla Model X and S which were 30% more expensive than a better equipped I-PACE and not as well built; or the Nissan LEAF with a much smaller size battery and no 4WD.’

HSE 2019, Nikos. Read the full Owner Review here



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4. BMW iX3 (4.80)

The BMW iX3 takes the top spot with owners raving about its size, spec & build-quality.




Here’s what some of our owners think about their BMW iX3:


‘Chose this car as wanted a family sized SUV. Was lucky as it was in stock, so no waiting but also a good price & high quality. Feels like a traditional car with a good-sized boot. Very high spec and looks great. Range is impressive and overall, a great choice for a family.’

Sport Pro 2022, Toby W. Read the full Owner Review here


‘The BMW iX3 was the car that most closely matched our family’s needs. Range had to be over 200 miles with a big boot for all our junk; our previous cars were Mitsubishi Outlanders. Would have preferred a 4×4 like an Audi e-tron but this impacted the range. Didn’t like the brown interior of the ID.4 & the Kia Niro EV was too small.’

iX3 80kWh 2022, Andrew P. Read the full Owner Review here


‘I was looking for something that was more mainstream than specifically made for the EV market. BMW offers the best of both. As a previous owner of an X3 it just made sense to switch to the electric version.’

M Sport Pro 2021, Mr H. Read the full Owner Review here



Book your Mustang Mach-E Test Drive HERE



5. Tesla Model Y (4.79)


Unsurprisingly, Tesla Model Y owners love all the tech & the Supercharger network but also the car’s performance and practicality levels.



Here’s what some of our owners think about their Tesla Model Y:


‘There are so many (outstanding technical features), all of the following are excellent:

  • One pedal driving with the regenerative braking
  • navigation and mapping
  • access to Netflix, Disney etc whilst charging (not that you are ever stopped long enough to watch a full episode of anything)
  • Dog Mode
  • Camping Mode
  • access to Spotify for all your music needs
  • driver profiles
  • the App to view and control the car
  • …there really is so much to love.’

Long Range 77kWh 2023, Cliff. Read the full Owner Review here


‘For the price, no other car company can compete with the performance, range, practicality, tech and charging network. The App is super easy to use as well which helps.’

Long Range 77kWh 2022, Tom Quaif. Read the full Owner Review here

What are the standout tech features of the car?

  • ‘The user interface is exemplar, so intuitive, so fast and just simple
  • The audio system is unreal, so much depth and personalisation
  • The app and Bluetooth key are also great, always work and pre-conditioning the cabin is always a win!’

Surprise us! Tell us something people wouldn’t readily know about this electric car.

‘The light show, boom box, emissions test and I think the fact it’s a quality car is the biggest thing people wouldn’t readily know.’

Long Range 77kWh 2022, Carl Boland. Read the full Owner Review here



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