BMW iX3 2022 electric car owner review

BMW iX3 electric car owner review

Toby W drives a BMW iX3 Sport Pro 2022 electric car.

This is Toby’s first electric car, he’s owned the BMW iX3 Sport Pro from new and drives 10,000-15,000 miles per year. The current mileage is less than 1,000 miles and he achieves 220 miles range from a full charge.

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Why did you choose the BMW iX3?

Chose this car as wanted a family sized SUV. Was lucky as it was in stock, so no waiting but also a good price & high quality. Feels like a traditional car with a good sized boot. Very high spec and looks great. Range is impressive and overall, a great choice for a family.


Positives – List 3 or more reasons why you love this electric car.

  • Very high spec
  • Modern design
  • Premium brand.


Negatives – List 3 or more things that you really don’t like about this electric car.

  • Can’t find any yet.


Have you experienced any faults with the car? If so, what have they been?

Others have said the paint is quite soft so care is needed when cleaning car to avoid the paintwork swirling.


What are the standout tech features of your BMW iX3?

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Parking and reversing assistance
  • Opening panoramic roof.


BMW iX3 electric car owner review


Surprise us! Tell us something people wouldn’t readily know about this BMW iX3.

Looks like a normal BMW but fully electric. Love the ‘illuminated carpet’ lights that guide you to the car at night. Looks cool in the dark. Love the app that allows you to open and close and pre heat/cool the car.


What electric car are you interested in next and why?

Just got this so not thinking about another for now but was keen on the Jaguar I-PACE but lead time was too long and a lot more than the BMW.


What home charging unit do you use? Would you recommend it to others and why?

Hypervolt – works well, my son loves the different colour modes.


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What home electricity supplier & tariff do you use? Would you recommend it to others and why?

British Gas as our old supplier went bust.


Rate your electricity supplier out of 5.


What public charging networks would you recommend to others and why?

Not had time or need to use one.


List your top 3 favourite public charging networks (in order of preference).

Not tried any.


Who do you insure your electric car with? Would you recommend them to others and why?

Aviva MultiCar – good price but high excess.


Rate your insurance provider out of 5.


BMW iX3 electric car owner review


Estimate how much money you save per month owning and running an electric car compared to a petrol/diesel car.



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