Public charging review: BMW i3 REx 2017, Peterboat

Public charging review: BMW i3 REx 2017, Peterboat

Peterboat runs a BMW i3 REx 2017 electric car comments on public charging.


What do you think of the UK public charging network in general?

Some are very good others are a disaster, also it’s all the apps you need, they should all be contactless with a keyboard in case it asks for your pin. The removal of Apps and RFiD cards would possibly mean the overall cost should come down as companies like Bonnet wouldn’t be offering discounts.


Overstay charges need to be introduced so if cars are full they move! Also, charge points have to be usable by disabled persons as currently the vast majority aren’t, this is against the law and needs action now. InstaVolt seems to be the biggest offender. ICE blocking needs action as well, the retailer is losing revenue and can’t charge fines to stop it.


What and where are your favourite UK public chargers?

Pod Point – they are reliable, often free for fast charging and reasonable for rapids.


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What’s been your best experience with a UK public charger in your BMW i3?

I came across a broken Pod Point charger, I called them and a proper explanation was given for the fault and when it would be fixed; it was as well.


What’s been your worst experience with a UK public charger?

bp pulse is abysmal, there are eight in Chesterfield with often none of them working! Four have never been working even when the lights were on. Nobody from customer service is ever available on the phone! 🤣😩😩


What’s got to change about public charging in the UK to get more people driving electric cars? 

Chargers have to work, be easily accessible and not blocked. The price has to be right for everyone, not just people with apps. They need to be contactless with the keypads.


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