There are many benefits to leasing a car rather than purchasing outright. Namely, you get to drive a brand-new car every few years!

With the EV market moving relatively quickly, leasing may well be the right option for you. Which is why we have partnered with Xcite Car Leasing. Xcite is the trading name of Wessex Fleet Solutions Ltd, a fleet management and vehicle leasing company based in the picturesque city of Salisbury in the South of England.


They pride themselves on being there to help the customer at every step of the journey from finding the very best leasing offers through streamlining the document signing process, answering any questions once the vehicle has been delivered and even helping to arrange collection at the end of the lease.

We can account for this first-hand given we are leasing a car from them currently and from initial contact to after the car had been delievered, Xcite were there every step of the way.


So we’ve created this leasing hub to allow those of you who are thinking about a leasing a new EV to get the information you require in one place.


We have some of the latest offers, a definitive guide to leasing along with further information about Xcite to ensure you have the confidence & trust to make that next move.

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A Guide to Leasing an Electric Car - Xcite Leasing

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Electric Road’s UK Car Survey has been devised to ‘gauge the temperature’ on the adoption of electric cars by UK motorists. The survey is 100% multiple-choice questions so will only take you a few minutes to complete and the ongoing findings will be published via the Electric Road Newsletter.