Cleevely Electric Vehicles – One of a kind

Company Spotlight 2: Cleevely Electric Vehicles

Within less than 5 minutes of chatting to Matt Cleevely, Managing Director of Cleevely EVs, it was self-evident that this man and his colleagues are not only at the cutting edge of what they do but also that what they offer as a total service is unique.


It stems from their vision; when we asked Matt how he would describe their business, he stated, “First and foremost, we are an EV promotional business.” Matt is clear on this, he wants to help educate and promote the use of EVs to all and as he said later on in our chat, “There is no reason to not have an EV, only excuses!” Matt is passionate that it’s not the Government’s sole responsibility to drive the adoption of EVs, it’s more about personal education and finding information from the right sources.


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Of course, he can best promote and educate the electrification of vehicles by the services him and his 8 colleagues offer which are as follows:


• EVs for sale – a selection of hand-picked cars for all budgets and new stock is available regularly. Walk-around videos are available too.


• Electric bikes for sale – quite a range from ROK models 1 & 2 to the Ecosmo 16 inch folding electric bike. All available to test ride at their site in Cheltenham.


• Consultancy – helping customers understand EVs better and what vehicle is right for them based on lifestyle, budget etc. You won’t be sold to either, they don’t have sales targets, they are simply not that way inclined.


• EV MOT & Servicing – Their electric vehicle servicing team of trained technicians have an honest and fuss-free approach to helping you keep your vehicle on the road. With fewer components than traditional vehicles, there is less wear and tear, so the maintenance and servicing of electric vehicles are very straightforward.


• Battery upgrades & range extenders – this was really fascinating for Electric Road as to how Cleevely EVs source larger 40kWh batteries of Nissan LEAFs from across Europe that were part of an accident but are in good condition, given they are well protected within the car. They were beginning to be asked by owners of the first generation of Nissan LEAFs if they did battery swaps and it has snowballed from there. It’s what Matt calls ‘second lifing the battery’. Cleevely test all batteries ahead of using for an upgrade and they work with Muxsan, a Dutch company that re-format the communication interface between the battery and the car and then send these ECUs back to Cheltenham to enable Matt and his team to swap the batteries over. It takes around 4 hours in total once they’ve got the ECU returned from Holland and a lot of that time is actually soldering and changing the wires. The batteries fit exactly the same and the 40kWh ones are only slightly heavier too. So owners of gen 1 Nissan LEAFs go from a 24kWh battery to a 40kWh one which extends the range from what was 50-60 miles to 160+ miles on a single charge. This is a cost-effective way for lovers of the first-generation Nissan LEAFs to keep their cherished cars and get a huge increase in range. In terms of the batteries that are replaced, Matt is planning on using those that customers don’t want to create battery storage for their workshop.


• Tesla Rental – as part of their philosophy of promoting and educating EVs to people, you can book their Tesla Model S to experience the EV life. You can travel up to 250 miles on a single charge and can charge it for free using the Tesla supercharger network. Self-drive hire packages are available for a week, weekend or single days (mid-week only). Long-term rentals are also available.


They’re not stopping here either. Over the last few months, they’ve had a technician driving around the country in a Nissan ENV200 undertaking mobile serving of EVs at homes and businesses and so much so they now have two and half months of forward bookings!
If you are going to the British Motor Show (19th – 22nd August) and/or the Fully Charged Outside (3rd – 5th September) both of which are held at Farnborough International, then you can meet Matt and his team at their stand and see how they can help you enter the world of EVs!


Cleevely Electric Vehicles – One of a kind

Matt Cleevely, Managing Director


For more information on how Cleevely EVs could help you click here.



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