Electric Together – proving EVs are affordable for many

Electric Road came across Electric Together while doing some research and we were so interested by their unique proposition that we chatted to James Ellis-Brown, one of the co-founders of Electric Together, to find out more.


Electric Together is a small group of creative, software and electric car enthusiasts who want to help people transition to electric vehicles. As Electric Road recognise on a daily basis, the transport industry is going through one of the most significant changes since the horse-drawn carriage was replaced by the combustion car. Now electric vehicles are taking us to the next phase and the transition for people can be as intimidating as it was back at the turn of the 20th Century.


People are typically under the misapprehension that electric vehicles are expensive to buy. Right out of the gate, they see the total advertised price to purchase one outright and hold that against them. Yet, so few people ever buy outright and prefer to manage car payments on a monthly finance plan.


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Budgeting this way makes owning a car affordable. Yet when it comes to running a car, the running costs generally come out of the remainder of people’s disposable income. This means that many drivers don’t know the total cost of owning their combustion car. Many see an electric car’s higher monthly finance cost and walk away. But there are a few things you need to consider missing out on a potentially good opportunity.


Let’s consider this: We chose several brand-new combustion cars and ran them through Electric Together’s affordability calculator. The results were surprising.


The most interesting car we ran was a popular hatchback, the petrol SEAT Leon FR. The calculator matched it to the Volkswagen ID.3 electric. It took into account the finance cost of both new cars, their running costs, including typical servicing plans and fuel and the number of miles driven over the course of the year. The results showed that any buyer who would have considered the SEAT Leon would now save £2,050 over the 36-month finance term by buying the VW ID.3 instead. How is this possible? Aren’t EVs still more expensive to buy?



Not if you look at the full picture, particularly as fuel prices are currently the highest they have ever been in history and that they don’t increase more than £1.89 p/litre for regular unleaded. Why not run the Electric Together discover calculator to reveal your hidden costs for a more accurate comparison if you’re thinking of buying a new car.


Electric Road was really impressed with the vision James and Arjo had for Electric Together in wanting to help others make the journey into an EV more accessible. It’s about delivering better outcomes for all. As James said towards the end of our conversation, “You don’t have to do this on your own. This is why we called it Electric Together!”


Discover for yourself how Electric Together can help you – https://electrictogether.com


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