Volkswagen ID.4 2021 electric car owner review

Volkswagen ID.4 2021 electric car owner review

I Johnson drives a Volkswagen ID.4 2021 electric car.

This is I Johnson’s first electric car, he’s owned the ID.4 from new and drives 20,000-30,000 miles annually. The current mileage of the car is between 20,000-30,000 miles and he achieves 260 miles range from a full charge.


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Why did you choose the Volkswagen ID.4?

I use it for work, it’s environmentally friendly, quiet and smooth to drive. As an electric car it’s so much cheaper to run and for work, it makes much more sense and pays for itself. It has a good range which I need for work and is a spacious family car.


Positives – List 3 or more reasons why you love this electric car

  • As I use it for work, it saves me lots of money
  • it’s ultra quiet and smooth to drive
  • no gears, no clutch – so, so easy to drive long distances and in traffic.


Negatives – List 3 or more things that you really don’t like about this electric car

  • Timed charger doesn’t work on the car so cannot utilise off-peak charging
  • didn’t get a smart charger as car should be able to do it
  • doing great distances can be a bit longer due to charge times to top up.


Have you experienced any faults with the car? If so, what have they been?

  • Timed charger doesn’t work, awaiting a software update
  • software sometimes has glitches and needs resetting.


What are the standout tech features of the car?

  • Adaptive cruise control makes long distance driving so easy
  • voice control – great to be able to tell the car what to do instead of looking for what button to press.


Surprise us! Tell us something people wouldn’t readily know about this electric car

It can tell you a joke, only one joke, but it always makes me smile!


What electric car are you interested in next and why?

Renault 5 Electric – to replace the wife’s petrol car. It’s small and compact, cheap enough and looks really good. It’s suitable for our needs as a second car too as we don’t need a bigger car or for it to do long distances. EVs like this are more suitable and more affordable than long range cars.


What home charging unit do you use? Would you recommend it to others and why?

Rolec – standard wall box & yes I would recommend. Been a good and robust unit.


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What home electricity supplier & tariff do you use? Would you recommend it to others and why?



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What public charging networks would you recommend to others and why?

IONITY and bp pulse – both of these have been very good and reliable from the limited use I have had.


List your top 3 favourite public charging networks (in order of preference)

  • bp pulse – not badly priced
  • IONITY – best speed to charge but expensive
  • not used any others so far.


Who do you insure your electric car with? Would you recommend them to others and why?



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