Polestar 2 2022 Road trip report

Polestar 2 2022 Road trip report

Kulraj went from Glasgow to Bristol and back in his Polestar 2 2022.


Introducing your road trip 

We recently travelled in the Polestar 2 (Standard Range Single Motor) from Glasgow to Bristol for a few days to see family. Before travelling, I used ABRP to get an idea of where would be best to charge. Although when we set off I used Google Maps and we ended up stopping at IONITY Gretna, using a Gridserve 120kW charger near Manchester and did a quick top-up at an Osprey 50kW charger near Gloucester.


Before heading back, I used MFG 125kW chargers to get the car back up to 100% and again used Google Maps on the way. We stopped at Sandbach services but the Gridserve there wasn’t working. Luckily we had about 30% kept in the battery so we continued onto Knutsford services and used a 120kW Gridserve there. The next stop was at Tebay for another top up on a 120kW Gridserve. We then stopped at IONITY Gretna for a quick top-up which was enough to get us back home to Glasgow.


Total cost for charging was only £65 for the 800 mile round trip which is significantly cheaper than doing the trip in our BMW X6 40d.


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Planning & preparation 

I used ABRP and Zap-Map to have a look at the fastest options for charging.



  • IONITY Gretna
  • Gridserve at Knutsford & Tebay
  • Osprey near Gloucester
  • MFG in Bristol.


Did you encounter any great driving roads on your road trip? If so, where were they and why were they great?

We have done the trip between Glasgow and Bristol many times and always find the scenery in the south of Scotland and near Cumbria very beautiful.


The Polestar 2

The Polestar 2 was great. Very comfortable for us, the 2 kids and the dog and plenty of space for our bags. Having Google Maps built-in was really useful too and it always suggested good places to charge.


Polestar 2 2022 Road trip report


Road trip conclusion

Overall our trip was very enjoyable and the experience of using public charging was a lot better than expected. Having regular breaks to charge the car also meant I was more alert while driving and less tired when I arrived.


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