Kia EV6 GT Line S, Labell – 2021 Test Drive Review

Kia EV6 GT Line S, Labell - 2021 Test Drive Review

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What make and model did you test drive?
Kia EV6 GT Line S 77.4kWh


What dealership did you have the test drive at?
Allen Kia Solihull


How long did it take the dealership to contact you after you made your initial enquiry?
Under 1 hour


What date did you have your test drive?


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What was your dealership experience like?
My contact was knowledgeable about the vehicle and accommodated everything I wanted to know about the car. I had previously bought my e-Niro from him.


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What were your first impressions of the car?
Great looking style from the outside, love the lights front and rear. Inside I was a bit apprehensive over the styling but once I sat in it and he explained everything it grew on me fast. Very roomy inside with fully adjustable seats to suit me, 6ft 2in.


Positives – List 3 or more things you liked about the car.

  • Rear seat space is amazing, I always set my driver’s seat by sitting in the back behind it; still had room in front of my knees.
  • Dashboard layout works for me
  • Controls on the steering wheel work well in the vehicle.


Kia EV6 GT Line S, Labell - 2021 Test Drive Review


Negatives – List 3 or more things you didn’t like about the car.

  • Mats were not included but I negotiated those in at no cost
  • They hadn’t taken off all the protective plastic inside.


Rate the EV out of 5.


Did you purchase the make & model you test drove or another EV from the same manufacturer?


What other EV(s) are you considering and what attracts you to them?
I bought the EV6 GT Line.


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