Volkswagen ID.4 First Edition Pro Performance 2021, Mike D – Living with an EV: Getting started

Volkswagen ID.4 First Edition Pro Performance 2021, Mike D - Living with an EV: Getting started

What name would you like to appear in your article? 
Mike D


What is the make, model and year of your EV?
Volkswagen ID.4 First Edition Pro Performance 2021


What got you into an EV in the first place? 
I wanted to go green. My lease cycle was complete and finally there were suitable electric cars in my price range.


What didn’t you know to begin with? 
Very little about EVs, I think, having spent 3 years researching EVs waiting for prices to get nearer my budget. With respect to the ID.4, there were many unknowns as the car was brand new to the market but as it shared so much with the ID.3, there was plenty of information from the owners of those cars. What I did miss is the poor cold weather efficiency of MEB platform cars. Volkswagen say this will be addressed in a major software update in spring 2022.


What did you find most confusing about EVs and how did you solve that? 
The different charging plugs and the differing nomenclature used to describe the same thing. I solved this by ignoring information from the US regarding charging.


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What sources of information helped you e.g. people, groups, websites etc? 
I found YouTube to be full of useful information. Specifically, Bjorn Nyland, FullyCharged, Transport Evolved and Battery life (ID specific). For charging information, Zap-Map to learn from is good in their How-to and News sections, in addition to the charger map. I have recently discovered that there is a very lively EV community on Twitter too.


Why did you buy the car you did? 

  • Price
  • suitable size
  • perceived quality.


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