Nissan LEAF e+ Tekna 62kWh 2021, Jay – Test Drive Review

Nissan LEAF e+ Tekna 62kWh 2021, Jay - Test Drive Review

What name would you like to appear in the Test Drive Review? 


What make and model did you test drive?
Nissan LEAF e+ Tekna 62kWh


What dealership did you have the test drive at?
Nissan Derby


How long did it take the dealership to contact you after you made your initial enquiry?
Under 1 hour


What date did you have your test drive?


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What was your dealership experience like?
I had spoken to the sales staff previously and all the questions that I had raised had been researched and came back with answers where possible. Everyone was as professional as you would expect someone trying to sell a car to be.


Rate your dealership experience out of 5 Stars.
5 Stars: Excellent


What were your first impressions of the car?
The car was soo much quicker than I had expected; surprised me completely! Very comfortable and was just trying to adjust to how quiet it was inside. Would be concerned with how people would cope with knowing car speed with so little feedback given. There is a lot of kit in the car which doesn’t leave much to ask for on the options list.


Positives – List 3 or more things you liked about the car.

  • Very comfortable seats (I’m a driving instructor wo will be spending 900 miles a week in there)
  • Very generous spec
  • Better range within price point.


Negatives – List 3 or more things you didn’t like about the car.

  • No reach adjustment on steering wheel
  • Not enough feedback about what the car is doing
  • Manual seat adjustment on seats.


Rate the EV out of 5 Stars.
5 Stars: Excellent


Did you purchase the make & model you test drove or another EV from the same manufacturer?


What specification did you go for?
e+ Tekna 62kWh


How did you purchase the vehicle?


When do you expect to take delivery of your EV?
3-6 months.


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