Manchester City F.C. manager Pep Guardiola reveals his admiration of electric cars

Manchester City F.C. manager Pep Guardiola reveals his admiration of electric cars

Legendary football manager, Nissan Global Ambassador and Nissan LEAF owner Pep Guardiola reveals his excitement for an electrified and more sustainable future, driven by the zero-emissions Nissan LEAF.


Just like his passion for his work on the football pitch, Pep Guardiola – Manchester City F.C. manager, Nissan LEAF owner and Nissan Global Ambassador – reveals his excitement and anticipation for the electric vehicle revolution, describing the unique thrills and sense of pride offered by zero-emissions mobility.


Since kick-starting his own EV journey three years ago, Pep has fully embraced the world of electrified driving. Having experienced the innovative blend of sustainable power and excitement offered by LEAF, Pep discovered how fully electric driving paints a positive picture for environmentally friendly motoring, today and for the future.


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In an exclusive interview, looking ahead to the club’s first ever UEFA Champions League final, the Manchester City F.C. manager reveals his personal goals for achieving a more sustainable future with his Nissan LEAF, and how his passion for innovation on and off the football pitch has influenced his decision to drive electric and pursue a future-conscious lifestyle:



Pep Guardiola: My Life with a Nissan LEAF


Question: What made you see the 100% electric Nissan LEAF as a viable way of mobility for you and what would you say was the main reason for choosing it?

Answer – Pep: “One of the main reasons for choosing an EV was to reduce my impact on the environment. However, I also wanted to keep the sense of excitement behind the wheel. With the Nissan LEAF and its electric power, immediate acceleration and advanced technologies, the driving experience is both sustainable and exhilarating.”


Question: In your field, football, you are known as a man of innovation, trying new tactics and new methods of organisation. How do you think this mindset played a role when choosing an electric vehicle?

Answer – Pep: “I try to keep innovation as part of my mindset and my way of thinking. Like with my football tactics, no situation or opponent is the same and I believe innovation is important to keep pace with the changing times. The technology behind LEAF is a great example of being innovative in everyday life.”


Question: What was the most fun moment you had with your LEAF?

Answer – Pep: “Filming with Nissan last year for the ‘Pep Loves His LEAF’ shoot was a lot of fun. It was great to show off some of the features of the LEAF and hopefully encourage more people to drive EV. My family all want to ride in my LEAF, and even though it looks small, it’s great because everyone fits. It’s easy to drive, produces no noise and is spacious for all.”


Question: What role do you think electric vehicles play in the innovation and future of mobility?

Answer – Pep: “A car is a key element in people’s daily lives. By adopting more environmentally friendly mobility, like electric vehicles, we can make a big impact on our planet. Zero-emission driving is one of the best courses of action for a better and more sustainable future.”


Question: Which other sustainable habits do you pursue?

Answer – Pep: “I try to use a lot less plastic and ensure I recycle where possible.”


Question: What do you think is the biggest opportunity electric mobility provides and how do you feel yourself about it?

Answer – Pep: “I am proud of having fully embraced electric mobility with the Nissan LEAF as my daily car because for me, driving an EV is a responsible choice. This is how I try to do my part. I am happy to see that the young generations are well aware of the environmental challenges and most of time they are the ones encouraging others to adopt new forms of mobility. Electric vehicles represent a shift towards a sustainability-focused mindset. If we all do our part, we can succeed in living in a better world.”


Question: What do you want to say to the next generation of drivers about electric vehicles?

Answer – Pep: “I would like to tell the next generation of drivers that electric vehicles are so much more fun to drive than the cars I had when I first got my driving license. I would tell them that thinking outside of the box and making some responsible choices help collectively, as a team, to improve our daily lives and preserve our planet for future generations.”


Echoing Pep’s experience, European EV owners across Europe have immersed themselves in the benefits of electric motoring. A recent survey commissioned by Nissan revealed that 89%1 of European EV drivers are happy with their electric driving experience, with 78%1 agreeing that it is better than expected.


Featuring Pep’s favourite technologies, such as ProPILOT and the innovative e-Pedal for one-pedal driving, LEAF is primed to meet the increasing demand for exciting technology. In fact, more than a third (34%1) of EV drivers have decided to switch thanks to the advanced technology offered by electric cars.


Joining the LEAF owners who have shared their own unique stories of driving electric, Pep’s experience of owning an electric vehicle is the latest instalment of Nissan’s My Life with a Nissan LEAF series. A collaborative collection of user experience stories, the series explores real-life testimonials to raise awareness and enhance motorists’ understanding of electric vehicles.


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