Top 5 - Summer 2023

At Electric Road, we believe EV owners know best as they live with the car unlike a car journalist who (often) has limited time with each vehicle they review. That’s why we focus on sharing the owner experience to allow those considering switching to electric in particular, to see what owning & running an EV is really like, warts & all! And it’s not just about the car either.

Our Top 5 EV Survey allows an owner to ‘state & rate’ their electric car, home charging setup, electricity supplier & tariff, insurer & let us know which UK public charging networks they like and don’t like.


The EV Survey has been running since January 2022 and to-date we have received over 4,000 surveys. Based on the 5-bolt rating system that owners provide for each element we then work out the average rating for each car, product & service. Given the dynamic nature of the EV market, we announce the top 5 for each category every quarter. For the cars, we further break it down by size (car length to be exact) and have a small, medium-size and large Top 5.


We hope this summary of EV owners’ opinions will help you make the right decision when the time comes to purchase your first or next electric car and related products & services.

Top 5 Electric Cars

Top 5 Public Charging Network

Top 5 Public Home Charging

UK Car Survey:

Fossil Fuels V's Electric

Electric Road’s UK Car Survey has been devised to ‘gauge the temperature’ on the adoption of electric cars by UK motorists. The survey is 100% multiple-choice questions so will only take you a few minutes to complete and the ongoing findings will be published via the Electric Road Newsletter.