Xcite Car Leasing – putting the customer first since 2004

Car Lease Special Offers – putting the customer first since 2004

Purchasing a new car can be quite a stressful experience.


Not only is it a relatively large financial commitment, be that an outright purchase or a lease, but will you be 100% happy with the process or fully trust the company selling you the car?




Thankfully, there are companies out there who put the customer experience first above all other factors. Take Xcite Car Leasing (formerly known as Car Lease Special Offers) who were founded in 2004 by three directors: Tim McNally, Simon Naylor and Spencer Blake.


The three were friends long before they founded the business, and between them had just shy of twenty years’ experience in the leasing and rental sector working for others when they decided to venture out on their own.


There were two main factors that prompted them to form their own leasing company. On a personal level, they wanted more time with their young families so needed a better work-life balance. On a professional level, they were determined to create an environment where the customer’s experience is at the heart of everything, something they had noticed wasn’t always the case with other companies.


Car Lease Special Offers – putting the customer first since 2004


Today, they pride themselves on being there to help their customers at every step of the journey from finding the very best leasing offers through streamlining the document signing process, answering any questions once the vehicle has delivered, and even helping to arrange collection at the end of the lease.


As the company has expanded and new members have joined the team they’ve worked hard to ensure that their customers remain at the centre of what they do.


Find your new electric vehicle today with Xcite Car Leasing!


To lease or not to lease?

In the UK, the latest industry stats state over 1.6 million people are now choosing to lease rather than buy. Car leasing is a popular choice with customers who want the advantages of driving a new car without breaking the bank.


Car Lease Special Offers – putting the customer first since 2004


Leasing is often considered cheaper than buying a new car via a bank loan or dealer finance. However, unlike a purchase style agreement in which your monthly payments contribute to the cost of the vehicle, with a contract hire lease agreement your monthly payments cover the cost of the depreciation of the vehicle over the lease period.


As you never own the vehicle, you also enjoy the benefits of driving a brand-new car such as reliability and technological advancements without worrying about losing value over time.



Find your new electric vehicle today with Xcite Car Leasing!



Customer feedback


Car Lease Special Offers – putting the customer first since 2004


The key test of any customer-facing business is what their customers say about them. With over 1,700 reviews on Trustpilot, Car Lease Special Offers average 4.9/5 with an ‘excellent’ rating and here’s just several of the many positive comments from satisfied customers AND not just from people who leased with them either:







‘I was recently in the market for a lease deal on a Tesla Model Y. Paul was hugely helpful in trying to find the right car/deal for me. A cracker of a deal got presented by Paul, but I was too slow on the decision-making, and it ultimately got wrapped up by someone else. I ended up going in a different direction, due to personal requirements – but thought I had to give a special mention to Paul for just how helpful he was in trying to find the right spec and price for me.

Moral of the story – Paul will help find amazing deals, and you should wrap them up quickly, they go fast! Get in touch with Car Lease Special Offers (and Paul in particular) if you’re in the market for a car lease.’  Warrick – 8th June 2023


‘The offer was the best on Leaselocco. The representative, Jonathan Tomlinson, gave clear advice and talked me through the procedure without pressure. I particularly appreciated the advice that dealers were allowing extensions of car leases due to the chip shortage, to alleviate the problem of factory order delivery dates. This I have arranged with my Volvo lease. He also arranged a cheaper maintenance contract, due to my low milage. Well done.’ Peter Bell – 22nd June 2023


Ordered my new car through Car Lease Special Offers. Sharron S. assisted me through the whole process. She made it easy and quick to complete all forms required and from start to finish this only took 3 days. She managed to find a car which matched my specifications and price range and was extremely responsive to emails, texts and phone calls. Very impressed with the service so far and now just awaiting delivery from the finance company. Thank you for all of your help Sharron.’ Joseph Park – 25th June 2023


Find your new electric vehicle today with Xcite Car Leasing!


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