Tesla Model 3 SR 2021 – Road trip report

Tesla Model 3 SR: 2021 Road trip report

Barrie drove from Devon to Hampshire in his Tesla Model 3 Standard Range 2021 electric car.


Introducing your road trip 

Bideford, Devon to Portsmouth, Hampshire and back in a day to meet family members.


Planning & preparation 

A better route planner and Tesla sat nav.



Portsmouth supercharger 15 mins & Amesbury supercharger 40 mins.


Did you encounter any great driving roads on your road trip? If so, where were they and why were they great?

Nothing outstanding along route.


Tesla Model 3 SR: 2021 Road trip report


The Tesla Model 3

Autosteer was a great help & Traffic aware cruise control. Car was very comfortable too.


Road trip conclusion

Perfect trip in every way. And cheap.


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