ŠKODA’s most upcycled car – the ENYAQ iV

Recycled materials used in the EYNAQ iV make it ŠKODA’s most upcycled car

Drivers will find a range of everyday items reused and recycled across ŠKODA’s model range, including its first all-electric SUV, the ENYAQ iV.


Sustainable materials and recycling processes are a focus for all ŠKODA models as part of the brand’s Green Future strategy, which aims to increase sustainability along the entire value chain.


The ENYAQ iV offers a zero-emission powertrain and is complemented by the use of 13.1kg of recycled plastics on its exterior, including the smooth surface underbody covers which promote more efficient aerodynamic airflow under the car. Equivalent to the weight of a new tyre, the recycled plastic is reclaimed and reused from battery housings and bumpers.


The proportion of recycled steel used for the ENYAQ iV’s body is 40%, while for aluminium it is as high as 60%. Further reducing the car’s environmental footprint, 20% of the ENYAQ iV’s side window panes are also recycled.


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Sustainable materials are also used for practical and stylish solutions in the electric SUV’s interior. Sound insulation is made from recycled textiles and both the floor and boot mats are made and remoulded using fibres from recycled PET bottles.


In the Lodge trim grade, 60% of the polyester for the seat fabric is also reclaimed from recycled PET bottles. The remaining 40% is made from eco-friendly natural wool, carrying the Woolmark Company’s Wool Blend Performance label, a tag reserved for products containing between 30 and 49.9% new wool.


Recycled materials used in the EYNAQ iV make it ŠKODA’s most upcycled car


The ENYAQ iV ecoSuite interior combines luxury with sustainability. The distinctive cognac-coloured leather is tanned, without chemicals, using olive leaf extracts. Ordinarily, the leaves are burned and considered waste material in the food production industry. This process makes efficient use of them in place of chemicals and the leather has been processed in an innovative, eco-friendly manner.


The ENYAQ iV’s battery pack has been designed to be reusable and is 96% recyclable. ŠKODA has developed a second-life scheme for old electric car batteries where they can be installed in dedicated power hubs and used for solar energy storage. Four ŠKODA retailers across Europe are already powered by battery packs taken from decommissioned ENYAQ iV prototypes, with many more expected to follow as the number of retired packs increases.


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