Public charging review – MG5 EV 2022, Geo68

This is Geo68's first electric car, he's owned the MG5 from new and drives 10,000 - 15,000 miles annually. The current mileage of the car is between 1,000 - 5,000 miles and he achieves 220 miles range from a full charge.

Geo68 runs a MG5 EV electric car comments on public charging.


What do you think of the UK public charging network in general?

Since I can only use public charging it’s really annoying when an ICE car is parked in the only free bay. Also, the number of apps I need and the different charging techniques needed can be overwhelming for us pensioners. Fortunately, the chargers around me work quite well. I live in Cumbernauld.


What and where are your favourite UK public chargers?

ChargePlace Scotland is my main app in and around Cumbernauld where I live.


What’s been your best experience in your MG5 EV with a UK public charger?

Plug in and it works, what else do you need?


What’s been your worst experience with a UK public charger?

Plugged into a Pod Point in Edinburgh in St James car park, came back a good few hours later to see that it failed. The problem was no phone signal in the underground car park and their wi-fi was useless.


What’s got to change about public charging in the UK to get more people driving electric cars?

More chargers, easier use and touch credit card.


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