Ford Mustang Mach-E: Getting started with an electric car

Ford Mustang Mach-E: Getting started with an electric car

MikeH58 drives a Ford Mustang Mach-E Extended Range RWD 2021 and shares how he got started with an electric car.


Why did you buy this electric car?

Sporty looks, long-range, fun to drive and loads of gadgets.


What got you into an electric car in the first place?

Wanted to ‘do my bit’ to help the planet! I needed to look at a replacement car for my previous one (a diesel Jaguar E-PACE), so wanted something with a similar level of kit, etc. So, I test drove the fully-electric Jaguar I-PACE, intended to test-drive an Audi e-tron but, before I could do so, the chance to drive a Mach-E came up & I immediately fell for it, hook, line & sinker! No regrets, it’s a fantastic car to own & drive!


Ford Mustang Mach-E: Getting started with an electric car


Initially, what did you find most confusing about electric car ownership and how did you solve that?

I did lots of research into EV ownership and also about home-charging and charging away from home, so I had a good idea of what to expect before taking the plunge! Before ordering my Mustang, I went ahead and had a home charging point installed, which was relatively straightforward and at a reasonable cost.


The most confusing aspect of EV charging was, and continues to be, the number of different operators/providers that there are in the public charging domain and trying to ensure I have the relevant smartphone app or payment card to be able to use a particular charger when away from home. Plus, on longer journeys, you need to plan charging stops and have a back-up plan, in case any particular chargers happen to be out of use or occupied when you arrive at them!


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Ford Mustang Mach-E: Getting started with an electric car


What sources of information helped you e.g. people, groups, websites etc?

I spoke to work colleagues who already had EVs, looked at various websites (including those of the manufacturers) and joined various Facebook user groups.


What are your top 3 pieces of advice for those people considering their first electric car?

1. Be realistic about how many miles you need to regularly drive. If this is a relatively low figure, you may be able to avoid having a charge point installed at home.


2. If you can afford it, a home charge point means the overall cost of ownership of an EV will be significantly lower. Not only more convenient but domestic electricity rates are much lower than those for public chargers.


3. Be aware that insuring an EV may be more expensive than a comparable petrol/diesel vehicle.


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