Rolec WALLPOD:EV 2021, Mustang Sammy – Home charging unit Owner Review

Rolec WALLPOD:EV 2021, Mustang Sammy - Home charging unit Owner Review

What name would you like to appear in your review? 
Mustang Sammy


What is the make & model of your charging unit?


What year did you have your charging unit installed?


Which company installed it and would you recommend them?
F1 Electrical Ltd installed the unit. But we also had to ask a local electrician to sort the wiring out from the main unit in the middle of the house to go under my daughter’s floorboards and out at the side of the house. Then another local person to dig up the paving to get the wire run into the car port. That cost £2k.


How much did you pay for your unit and installation?


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Why did you purchase this particular unit?
It was recommended by the installer.


List 3 or more points that you like about the charging unit.

  • I bought a tethered version
  • Quick and easy to plug and charge
  • Reliable
  • Works well.


List 3 or more points that you don’t like about the charging unit.
Only 2 issues:

  • Having to pay a subscription in a few years for the app management
  • Had problems at the beginning making sure it was online but they are very effective and created a solution which works really well with my car now.


Outline any faults you have experienced with the unit.
Only at the beginning with it going offline with the app management. But even then it still charged the car.


Provide your overall rating for the charging unit.


Tell us about your home charging routine.
Been working from home partially since getting the car so not using the car as much so far but this will be changing. Keep it plugged in mostly at home. Set to charge to 90% via my in-car system. Charge to 100% when using the work charge point. When out and about for longer distances I head for fast chargers. When at my parent’s house I plug in their garage with 3 pin plug. It is faster than it projects. Not had many problems, just need to get used to public chargers and all the different networks and how they work. Zap-Map is really helpful for planning.


If you were buying a new charging unit now, what would you buy and why?
I would look for ones that you do not have to pay subscriptions for but at the same time I’m really happy with this one and EV energy were really helpful.


Tell us about your electricity provider and tariff. Would you recommend them?
Flexible Octopus. Wanted to get Agile but back to working from home and couldn’t get solar panels/battery installed due to being in a conservation area. Octopus did not advise to move to Agile at the moment because of the issues with prices and the cap.


Are you part of a charger-sharing scheme for those who don’t have their own charger?


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