EO Mini Smart Home 2020, Rusty – Home charging unit Owner Review

EO Mini Smart Home 2020, Rusty - Home charging unit Owner Review

What name would you like to appear in your review? 


What is the make & model of your charging unit?
EO Mini Smart Home


What year did you have your charging unit installed?


Which company installed it and would you recommend them?
Octopus. Yes recommended.


How much did you pay for your unit and installation?


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Why did you purchase this particular unit?
It is small and discreet and available with a tethered option.


List 3 or more points that you like about the charging unit.

  • Small size
  • tethered
  • the hardware has been reliable.


List 3 or more points that you don’t like about the charging unit.

  • Does not come with cable tidy so I had to source my own hooks
  • would prefer a separate holster rather than the one attached to the box as it sticks out a bit
  • the software doesn’t really work, it is OK for turning power on and off but other functions don’t work properly/at all.


Outline any faults you have experienced with the unit.
Only poor software that hasn’t been updated to improve things. Unit works as a dumb unit but that is OK as I do all scheduling using car app.


Provide your overall rating for the charging unit.


Tell us about your home charging routine.
I drive to work in Surrey 5 days a week totalling 150 miles. Additionally the car is used for random local stuff at weekends plus visiting friends in London and trips to the beach in summer. Luckily, I have my own small driveway and always park next to the charger so I habitually plug it in most evenings when I get home (especially in winter because I use pre heating).


In the summer I usually charge it every 2 to 3 days. The car charges at night on the Octopus Go tariff. The scheduling for this is set up in my car and I can adjust it using the car’s app if I need to. As the car has a small battery, even a complete charge can be done in the allotted 4 hour cheap electricity rate. This has worked well for me in the 18 months I have owned the car so I hardly ever need to charge away from home.


If you were buying a new charging unit now, what would you buy and why?
I would buy the same again. I am pleased I got the tethered version as it removes all the faff with the cable and stowing it each time. I keep my type 2 cable in the car permanently in case I need a charge while I am out.


Tell us about your electricity provider and tariff. Would you recommend them?
Octopus Go is the way to do it! My charging for commuting costs about £3 a week on average.


Are you part of a charger-sharing scheme for those who don’t have their own charger?


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