Andersen A2 2021, Mark Evans – Home charging unit Owner Review

Andersen A2 2021, Mark Evans - Home charging unit Owner Review

What name would you like to appear in your review? 
Mark Evans


What is the make & model of your charging unit?
Andersen A2


What year did you have your charging unit installed?


Which company installed it and would you recommend them?
EV-ETS Electrical.


How much did you pay for your unit and installation?


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Why did you purchase this particular unit?
It has really good looks, the cable is not visible when you are not using it. It is fitted with a 8.5m cable so I can park my car in various positions and still be able to reach. It has a sensor so it can throttle back on the charging if the electrical demands are high in the rest of the house. The reviews on it were good and the App is simple to install. It will be easy to connect to a solar system in the future.


List 3 or more points that you like about the charging unit.

  • Quality
  • ease of use
  • hidden cable.


List 3 or more points that you don’t like about the charging unit.

  • Price, that’s about it.


Outline any faults you have experienced with the unit.
None as yet.


Provide your overall rating for the charging unit.


Tell us about your home charging routine.
I use the vehicle every day, covering an average of around 200 miles a week. Tend to charge it when it gets down to around 30%. If I plan to go on a longish journey then will charge to 100%.


If you were buying a new charging unit now, what would you buy and why?
I would stick with the Andersen, yes there are others at a better price point and have more bells and whistles but at the end of the day, they don’t fully hide the cable (and clean it with built-in brushes as you stow it away).


Tell us about your electricity provider and tariff. Would you recommend them?
Currently with SSE. It is not EV-specific (to be honest the wife deals with the bills so I’m not 100% sure what it’s costing at the moment).


Are you part of a charger-sharing scheme for those who don’t have their own charger?


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