myenergi zappi 2 2020, Kevin Noble – Home charging unit Owner Review

What name would you like to appear in your review? 
Kevin Noble


What is the make & model of your charging unit?
myenergi zappi 2


What year did you have your charging unit installed?


Which company installed it and would you recommend them?
E Park Solutions – recommended.


How much did you pay for your unit and installation?


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Why did you purchase this particular unit?
Good reviews and smart charging capabilities.


List 3 or more points that you like about the charging unit.

  • Easy programming via the App
  • flexible charging from my solar PV panels
  • programmable grid limit function to limit current taken from the house supply.


List 3 or more points that you don’t like about the charging unit.

  • Initially some problems in cold weather with my Tesla Model S but new zappi firmware fixed this. No more problems!


Outline any faults you have experienced with the unit.
See previous question.


Provide your overall rating for the charging unit.


Tell us about your home charging routine.
I generally use Octopus Go cheap rate (5p/kWh) 0030-0430 for main charging and the solar panels in summer. Mileage per week extremely variable as I am retired but 9,000 miles covered last year. Tesla Superchargers and Destination chargers are reliable, so easy to use and free for my 2014 car. Other networks are generally awful, unreliable and difficult: two that I used last year in underground car parks required the use of mobile phone Apps but there was no mobile signal as they were underground! Doh!!!


If you were buying a new charging unit now, what would you buy and why?
Same again – a zappi 2.


Tell us about your electricity provider and tariff. Would you recommend them?
Octopus – cheap overnight charging (0030-0430).


Are you part of a charger-sharing scheme for those who don’t have their own charger?


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