Jaguar I-PACE HSE Black Edition 2019, Craig S – EV Owner Review

Jaguar I-PACE HSE Black Edition 2019, Craig S - EV Owner Review

What name would you like to appear in the review? 
Craig S


What is the make and model of your EV?
Jaguar I-PACE HSE Black Edition


What year was your EV registered?


How long have you owned your EV?
0 – 1 year


What is your estimated annual mileage?


What is the mileage on your EV?
5,000 – 10,000 miles


How many EVs have you owned?
This is my first


What is the average mileage range you achieve from your EV when fully charged?


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Why did you choose this car?
I went for a test drive and was super impressed by the instant torque when you accelerated. If you overtake someone it can be done really, really quickly so you get back onto your side of the road. It is a really nice car to drive.


Positives – List 3 or more reasons why you love this car.

  • The air suspension lowers the car down which helps my elderly parents get in easily
  • The suspension also lifts the car up if you are on a rough road to give you more ground clearance
  • The front seats are heated and cooled. The rear seats are also heated, even the steering wheel is heated which I had never heard of before.
  • The safety functions are superb including cameras that monitor your blind spots on both sides. The front cameras can detect cars coming from either side at a T junction.
  • The rear cameras can detect vehicles from both sides when reversing off the drive
  • The speed and acceleration of the car are really impressive
  • The handling is superb because the weight and placement of the batteries give you a very low centre of gravity
  • The seat memory function means that swapping between my partner is dead easy. Her key sets the car up for her and my key sets it up for me. The only thing you have to manually adjust is the rear view mirror.


Negatives – List 3 or more things that you really don’t like about this car.

  • The rear view mirror has an anti-dazzle feature which is good at night but it makes the image dark which is then rubbish if you have tinted windows. When it is dark the mirror is useless.
  • There is no rear windscreen wiper which is a big oversight from the designers
  • They are the only 2 negatives that I have.


Have you experienced any faults with the car? If so, what have they been?
No faults at all, been extremely happy with it.


What are the standout tech features of the car?
There are so many gadgets to play with. I spent ages setting up things to optimise my settings. The airplay initially didn’t work but I don’t think the previous owner had updated the infotainment system. I paired the car with my home Wi-Fi and updated the system and operating system from my drive and everything then worked perfectly.


Surprise us! Tell us something people wouldn’t readily know about this car.
The intelligent cruise control system can maintain a safe braking distance from the car in front. If the traffic slows down it can reduce the cruise speed to maintain that distance. It can even go down to zero and then back up to your cruise set speed which makes traveling in bad traffic (like the M25 at rush hour) a piece of cake.


Rate your EV out of 5.


What car are you interested in next and why?
I am keeping my Jaguar I-PACE. It is the best car that I have ever driven.


What home charging unit do you use? Would you recommend it to others and why?
I am currently running off a granny charger which is very very slow at 3kW/Hr. My Pod Point charger is being installed in 2 weeks’ time. It is difficult to get one installed because there are not enough installers out there. We also had to get UK Power Networks to inspect our electrical supply because we had a looped supply which is unusual in most houses. I didn’t realise before I brought the car how fragmented the charging network is out there to charge whilst you are on the move. You have to download so many different apps for all of the charging networks.


Plus you need Zap-Map or PlugShare to work out where they are. I think this situation will improve as more electric vehicles come onto the market. Most public chargers are only 7kW and there needs to be more high power units like 50kW or bigger to make traveling longer distances more achievable. The majority of our journeys are less than 30 miles but my brother’s house is over 160 miles so we can go there and back again on one charge.


Rate your home charging unit out of 5.



What home electricity supplier & tariff do you use? Would you recommend it to others and why?
EDF standard variable rate. It is about 21p a unit. I did a comparison check and all new tariffs were on 30p a unit so I am staying out until the electrical supply market calms down.


Rate your electricity supplier out of 5.


What public charging networks would you recommend to others and why?
I don’t have any particular preference. There are so many different providers out there and it can be a bit hit and miss as to whether they work or not. The more reliable charge points tend to be the 7kW ones, irrespective of which supplier. The big power ones are great IF THEY WORK. You can sometimes ring the supplier to get them to reset the unit remotely which sometimes works. When they breakdown they seem to be broken for a long time before the bigger units get fixed. I don’t know whether that is a parts issue or a lack of engineers.


List your top 3 favourite public charging networks (in order of preference).

  1. bp pulse
  2. Instavolt
  3. Electric Blue – because they are the ones that are near the main destinations that I currently go to.


Who do you insure your EV with? Would you recommend them to others and why?
I used my previous insurance company. No recommendation, they were no better or worse than any of the others.


Rate your insurance provider out of 5.


Estimate how much money you save per month owning and running an EV compared to a petrol/diesel car.


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