Home charging: Ford Mustang Mach-E AWD EX 2021 – Ian Ashley

Ford Mustang Mach-E AWD EX 2021, Ian Ashley - Living with an EV: Home charging

What name would you like to appear in your article? 
Ian Ashley


What is the make, model and year of your EV?
Ford Mustang Mach-E AWD EX 2021


Tell us about your home charging set-up
I have a Sync EV charger installed at the house. It is a smart charger and very small and unobtrusive. It does not have a cable attached and I use the cable supplied with the car. I do not like the idea of leaving a tethered cable outside but that is just me!


The charger is by the front door sheltered by the porch so even when raining heavy it will not get wet. I also bought a 10m 32A cable so can charge the car in whatever position it ends up outside the house (4 car family).


Ford Mustang Mach-E AWD EX 2021, Ian Ashley - Living with an EV: Home charging


Tell us about your home charging routine
So I do quite a few miles but luckily with the Mustang’s range I do not need to charge every day. However, when I get below 50% on any given day I will top up using the cheap electricity between 00:30 and 04:30 on Octopus Go. If I need to charge to 100% because of a longer journey then I just start charging earlier.


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Are you part of a charger-sharing scheme for those who don’t have their own charger?
I am not currently part of a sharing scheme.


Tell us about your electricity provider and tariff
I did a lot of research before settling on my next provider. I moved to Octopus Go before all the price hikes so am on 15pkw standard and 5pkw between 00:30 and 04:30 when I mainly charge. This has worked really well for me but who knows what will happen in the future. Our electricity bill has increased by approx. £50 each month since I got the car, so having done over 3,600 miles and including one away from home charge I am averaging 2.87ppm.


Are you planning on changing your charger and/or electricity supplier and if so to who and why?
No, I had done a lot of research and I’m currently very happy with both the supplier and the charger.


Estimate how much money you save per month owning and running an EV compared to an ICE car
For me…about £300 compared to my previous ICE car.


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