Promotion – Win an electric car with Best of the Best (BOTB)!

Promotion - Win an EV with Best of the Best (BOTB)!

For your chance to win the electric car of your dreams please click HERE


It really could be you!


Are you still desiring that first EV? Or have you got your eyes on another one? Well, it may not cost you much at all should you be one the lucky winners of the EVs available as competition prizes at Best of the Best (BOTB). A quick glance on their website shows they have EVs ranging from a Honda e to a Tesla Model S Plaid!


Check out the recent video above of Mohammed Idrisnur who was the lucky winner of a Honda e Advance & £40,000 in cash! On their website, you’ll also be able to see many other winners receive their fantastic prizes.


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Mohammed was still in his bedclothes when BOTB turned up at his flat in London to give him the surprise of a lifetime. Mohammed was always entering the Honda e competition because he wanted a small EV that’s also perfect for his family and he was inspired to play after watching previous Honda e Advance winner Brian Seifert collect his car.


Mohammed also won £40,000 in cash and he will be using that to treat his family and help out his Dad whose shop had recently burned down.


For your chance to win the electric car of your dreams please click HERE


Who are BOTB?


If you are not readily aware of who BOTB are, you’ve probably seen one of their competition prizes in an airport or shopping centre over the last 20 years or so. They were established in 1999 and have now got to a position whereby every week there are two guaranteed car winners! In the past 20 years, there have been over 580 winners, taking home over £37 million worth of prizes.


They are the most renowned and established company in this sector with an amazing range of over 180 dream cars starting from just £1.50 per ticket. They also offer lifestyle competition prizes including holidays, watches, gadgets, cash and more.



Judging process


This isn’t a lottery either as winning the prizes requires skill and judgement where you must ‘spot the ball’ from a football image where the ball has been removed. The winner is determined by several expert judges. The panel of judges is formed of experienced sports professionals on a rotating basis, who each offer their best opinion. Using a panel of judges ensures that nobody can ever know the original position of the ball, resulting in a process that is fair, transparent, audited and honest.


For more information on the judging process then please visit


For your chance to win the electric car of your dreams please click HERE


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