Kia e-Niro 4+, Craig – Living with an EV: Road trip report

Kia e-Niro 4+, Craig - Living with an EV: Road trip report

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Kia e-Niro 4+


Introducing your road trip 

Business trip.


Planning & preparation 

Using ABPR, PlugShare and Zap-Map.


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Both rapid charging networks (Electric Highway and CPS) plus overnight on a destination post at my overnight hotel.


The EV itself 

A fantastic new car with a much more capable range than my old BMW i3. Charging was easy and straight forward but I had to wait 10 mins at Wetherby Services for a rapid to become free. I arrived at my Aberdeen hotel with 10% SOC and woke up to a full battery the next morning on a CPS destination post before continuing my journey south to Glasgow.


Road trip conclusion

Very easy with the e-Niro but I wish the charging speed/curve allowed fasting charging for longer so I could get back on the move sooner.


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