BMW i3 REx 2015, David – Living with an EV: Getting started

BMW i3 Rex 2015, David - Living with an EV: Getting started

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What is the make, model and year of your EV?
BMW i3 REx 2015


What got you into an EV in the first place? 
I listened to podcasts and followed EV people on twitter.


What didn’t you know to begin with? 
Different charging speeds and the average cost of electricity per kWh (I didn’t know a good rate or a bad rate).


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What did you find most confusing about EVs and how did you solve that? 
I decided the best way to solve the confusion was to buy one…. you can only do so much research.


What sources of information helped you e.g. people, groups, websites etc? 
Fully Charged & EV News Daily.


Why did you buy the car you did? 
At the time (2018) it was the best-used car I could buy with a decent range including the rex. Surprisingly we never use the rex very often – it cost £8 to fill with petrol and we fill it twice a year. I was spending over £200 a month on diesel (I had a Mini Copper D). I purchased the i3 on a finance plan that cost less than £220 per month after part exchanging the Mini – so it was like the car was free.

As far as I was concerned the £200+ on diesel was 100% dead money – but the £220 monthly payments for the car was not.


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