MG4 EV 2023: Getting started with an electric car

MG4 EV 2023: Getting started with an electric car

Adrian Holdstock drives an MG4 EV Trophy and shares how he got started.


Why did you buy the MG4 EV?

I see electric vehicles as the future of independent road transport and wanted to try one out, as at my age this may be my last new car purchase. I did a lot of research on the internet and via motoring magazines and was impressed by the MG4, both because of its specification and competitive price. I enjoyed my first test drive and ordered the top of the range model (Trophy), which took 4 months to be delivered.


What got you into an electric car in the first place?

I suppose it was the need to minimise the effects of pollution, particularly where it affects breathable air.


Initially, what did you find most confusing about electric car ownership and how did you solve that?

I was nervous about finding and using public chargers.


What sources of information helped you e.g. people, groups, websites etc?

Websites, user forums, YouTube videos and social media all provided answers to my questions. The videos were especially helpful, both in understanding how to operate things on my new car and how to fit accessories or overcome niggles.


What are your top 3 pieces of advice for those people considering their first electric car?

1) Research both motoring magazines and user forums to get a feel for the real-world performance, reliability and drivability of your preferred EV cars


2) don’t be mesmerised by range as the defining factor for what you choose to buy


3) test drive more than one make & model and try to get an extended test drive or hire one for at least 24-48 hours.


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