Past, Present & Future: MINI Cooper S to a Mazda CX-5

Past, Present & Future: MINI Cooper S Petrol to a Mazda CX-5 Diesel

Ray has moved from a MINI Cooper S 2.0 Petrol to a Mazda CX-5 2.2 Diesel.


Via our survey, ‘Past, Present & Future’, we want to understand peoples’ respective car ownership stories. With the current climate crisis, there’s never been a greater need for emission-free driving yet at the same time, people are facing rising (and record) energy & general living costs.

This could ultimately change what car & fuel type a lot of people choose next. Also, we are very mindful that not everyone is on the road to electric so we wanted to highlight some of the more diverse & interesting feedback we’ve received.


Tell us about your MINI Cooper S

  • Likes – nimbleness, fun to drive & reasonably economical to run
  • Dislikes – generally more difficult to get into when getting older and obviously lack of space.


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Tell us about your Mazda CX-5

Lots of room for grandchildren and dog. Comfortable, quiet ride reasonably nimble in performance generally a practical means of transport. Only dislike is that it’s a little slow on accelerating from starting i.e. off traffic lights etc.


If you had to choose your next car today, what would it realistically be and why?

Would need to be an SUV as I like the ride height and general comfort. Not sure I would consider a purely electric car primarily on the cost involved and I believe manufacturers are currently loading sale prices. I may consider a hybrid or an alternatively fuel vehicle provided prices are acceptable. Failing that the new clean diesels.


Let us know your car ownership story by completing our ‘Past, Present & Future’ survey HERE

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