Public charging review: Polestar 2 , Paul

Public charging review: Polestar 2 , Paul

Paul runs a Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor electric car and shares his experiences to-date on public charging.


What do you think of the UK public charging network in general?

It is OK at the moment but needs more investment to cope with demand and to upgrade more chargers to rapid. We also need some kind of legislation to bring in maximum rates for chargers so that motorway services don’t fleece motorists like they do with petrol.


What and where are your favourite UK public chargers?

I mainly use ChargePlace Scotland, which are mainly free in my area but are mainly slow chargers. I’ve barely used any other ones.


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What’s been your worst experience with a UK public charger?

Having to sign-up to an app to use a charger and to do this I had to create an account, verify my e-mail address, then verify my payment details with my bank’s 2 factor authentication. Took me nearly 10 minutes to start charging. All chargers should accept contactless payments by card.


What’s got to change about public charging in the UK to get more people driving electric cars?

More chargers!


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