Company Spotlight 2: Cleevely Electric Vehicles

Company Spotlight 2: Cleevely Electric Vehicles

Matt Cleevely AAE MIMI founded Cleevely EVs in 2018.

Matt started the company with his wife, Claire, who is the Financial Director and their friend, David Smith, who is the Sales Director. Cleevely EVs is a small team of 6, including the CEV mobile techs that service and repair EVs nationally. Cleevely EVs is part of Cleevely Motors which was founded 60 years ago. Their headquarters are at Lansdown Trading Estate near Cheltenham train station.


Company Spotlight 2: Cleevely Electric Vehicles
Founder Matt Cleevely


What does Cleevely EVs do?

We are EV promotional. We educate people about EVs, we rent out a Tesla Model S, we sell used EVs and we repair and maintain them with fully-trained staff using quality parts from our own EV-specific parts department.


What are you main products/services?

The workshop & showroom are the busiest parts of the business.


Company Spotlight 2: Cleevely Electric Vehicles


What is it about your products/services that makes them unique?

We are passionate about EVs, we love what we do and we want to get everyone into EVs.


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How do you deliver a great customer experience?

By being knowledgeable about the subject and treating every customer like a friend.


How is your company helping the growth of the wider EV market?

By doing everything we can, via the methods I have already mentioned.


How have you learned from your mistakes?

Our Nissan LEAF battery swap service was so popular that we struggled to get enough batteries to supply customers. We had to temporarily close the service as it was unfair leaving people on a waiting list. We are looking for alternative ways now of keeping older LEAFs on the road as economically as possible.


Company Spotlight 2: Cleevely Electric Vehicles


What do your customers say about you?

We are recommended nationally as the go-to service agents for EVs. So much so, our mobile guys are booked 4-5 weeks ahead.


What are your main challenges and how are you facing up to those?

Some parts are hard to source but that isn’t unique to EVs, however, this can affect waiting times for repairs significantly. Also, the high demand for used EVs means that it is hard to stock the showroom fast enough.


How are you improving your products/services?

We are constantly looking to repair as many components as possible should an EV have a fault that makes it unreliable; this area is constantly changing as EVs age. Also, as mentioned, being able to upgrade and improve batteries as they age/deteriorate is important and we talk to as many companies as possible that might be able to help us do that.


Company Spotlight 2: Cleevely Electric Vehicles


What is next for Cleevely EVs?

We are aiming to maintain our quality customer service, grow our parts supply and distribution and increase the number of mobile techs.



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