Tesla Model 3 – Road trip report

Tesla Model 3 Road Trip Report

Rob Prior went on a long weekend road trip in his Tesla Model 3 Long Range.

Introducing your road trip

Sheffield – Northumberland – Sheffield.


Planning & preparation 

Most of the planning was via ‘A Better Route Planner’ with filters set for Tesla Superchargers, Instavolt & Osprey. As we were also visiting National Trust properties and Holy Island, we checked those websites as well.


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On the trip we used Washington Supercharger – Adderstone Supercharger x 2 – Holy Island Rolec Charger – Alnwick Osprey Charger.


Tesla Model 3 Road Trip Report


Did you encounter any great driving roads on your road trip? If so, where were they and why were they great?

The A1 is great in sections these days with many stretches now 3 lanes. However, it was some of the A roads in Northumberland that we found best with smooth well-groomed surfaces.


The Tesla Model 3

We covered over 650 miles in the 4 days away and the car was flawless with plenty of options for charging as we drove up to Northumberland, while we were staying and then before we set off for home.

Road trip conclusion

Really looking forward to our next trip which will cover some 1,500 miles when we head to Normandy via the Channel Tunnel. The Tesla supercharger network is fantastic but 3rd party fast-charging here in the UK gives us peace of mind and when in Europe we will use Chargemap chargers if there are any issues with supercharging on the Tesla network.


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