Skoda ENYAQ 2021 – Road trip report

Skoda ENYAQ 2021 Road trip report

Malc Rooney went on a road trip in Scotland in his Skoda ENYAQ 2021.

Introducing your road trip

Starting at sea level in Tarbert, Loch Fyne, Argyllshire with 270 miles in the battery my wife and I drove along the coast to Lochgilphead for 14 miles. Then we headed inland towards Oban. This was a journey of 27 miles on a hilly, twisty road singing Glen Campbell’s “I-will-never-pass-this-way-again”. From Oban we headed to Glen Coe on a much improved and generally flat road, adding a further 34 miles to the journey. In Oban the sun was shining, and the sea was blue. In Glen Coe the hills had an icing sugar dusting of snow and looked magnificent.


A quick detour of around 8 miles to visit family graves and then off through Glen Coe where the road rises to 1,460 feet above sea level. 31 miles on and after passing through blizzard conditions we arrived at Tyndrum where it was decision time – did we top up the battery or keep going? Remembering that fortune favours the brave we kept going. Tyndrum to Killin, along Loch Tayside on a glorious Spring evening, through Aberfeldy and south onto the A9 to Dunkeld and a further 58 miles. Leaving the A9 at Dunkeld another twisty and hilly road took us to Blairgowrie, through Alyth and home to Kirriemuir adding a further 26 miles to the trip.


The total journey was 198 miles with 28 local miles between charging and leaving Tarbert. We did the trip in one charge and we still had 33 miles left in the battery.


Skoda ENYAQ 2021 Road trip report


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Planning & preparation 

AA Route Planner calculated the distances and the ChargingPlace Scotland App showed the charging places.



We charged at the Tarbert to Islay Ferry Terminal using a 51kW Evolt charging point and ChargingPlace Scotland. Not sure about the cost and the charge was a top-up of about 100 miles.


Did you encounter any great driving roads on your road trip? If so, where were they and why were they great?

The whole journey was a great experience – lovely scenery + wide variety of roads. Definitely one to recommend.


The Skoda ENYAQ

The Skoda ENYAQ iV 80 did really well. It was comfortable, the battery range worked and the acceleration for overtaking on country roads was excellent. The only negative was the warning, which I could have switched off, that I was too close to the centre of the road.


Road trip conclusion 

The section of the road from Lochgilphead to Oban was challenging – the rest tremendous!!!


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