Kia e-Niro 64kWh Long Range, Charlie – Living with an EV: Road Trip Report

Kia e-Niro 64kWh Long Range, Charlie - Living with an EV: Road Trip Report

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Kia e-Niro 64kWh Long Range


Introducing your road trip.
Dolgellau to Chatham then back to Heathrow, overnight near Birmingham Airport and home the next day.


Planning & preparation
Searched Gridserve and Pod Point for charge points along the route.


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  • Fully charged 240 miles leaving Dolgellau. Steady 45 to M54 then 60 to Cherwell Services. Got lucky and charged for 1.15 hours at 30kW at Gridserve.
  • Got to Chatham. Had to shop, so Lidl Gravesend Pod Point 30kW for 1.5 hrs.
  • Off to Heathrow from Chatham, charged at Lidl Hayes, 30kW 1.25hrS.
  • Heathrow now and 4 people and luggage.
  • Planned charge at Cherwell services failed with Gridserve. Did not find out why. So had to detour via Hilton Services next day to get charge 30kW for 1.25hrs at Gridserve.
  • Got home with 50 miles on clock.


The EV itself 
The car performed really well. A roads averaged 52mph to 56mph & motorways 62mph. Even with 4 people and luggage the predicted range was accurate and the heating was on too. Cruise control helped make it a relaxed journey.


Road trip conclusion
The number of EVs is now outstripping the number of charging points. Gridserve have 2 cables BUT not the technology to have them working at the same time. Charger rage will come at peak times. Rugby Services has 10 Pod Point chargers which is good. All motorway services will need twice this number!


Good to see Lidl having quick chargers fitted. Tesco only have 7kW which is not enough power but a step in the right direction. If you come to Mid and North Wales chargers are few and far between beyond Telford Services. There are some so check well before travelling. Hopefully more will be installed but take your Granny cable and maybe join a home charger club?



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