Hyundai IONIQ 5 Premium Long Range 2021, Hurstg – EV Owner Review

Hyundai IONIQ 5 Premium Long Range 2021, Hurstg - EV Owner Review

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What is the make and model of your EV?
Hyundai IONIQ 5 Premium Long Range


What year was your EV registered?


How long have you owned your EV?
From new


What is your estimated annual mileage?


What is the mileage on your EV?
500 – 1,000 miles


How many EVs have you owned?
This is my first


What is the average mileage range you achieve from your EV when fully charged?


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Why did you choose this car?
Best by far of the 3 test drives. My wife was happy to drive it which was a major factor. Comfort and space being another. A good local dealership ensuring prompt access to service and support. Availability was a factor as the 2 main options being Skoda & Kia had longer lead times. I ordered in October and collected in December exactly as the dealer stated.


Positives – List 3 or more reasons why you love this car.

  • Drive quality
  • Comfort
  • My wife & dog 🐕 love it 😍


Hyundai IONIQ 5 Premium Long Range 2021, Hurstg - EV Owner Review


Negatives – List 3 or more things that you really don’t like about this car.

  • Initial issue with charge flap fault but dealer responsive so not a big problem
  • Turning circle requires adaptation in driving
  • Lane keep can sometimes jiggle from side to side.


Have you experienced any faults with the car? If so, what have they been?
Charge flap fault, showed itself as a depleted 12 volt battery but was the flap mechanism. A replacement part took about 4 weeks to arrive but didn’t prevent car use.


What are the standout tech features of the car?

  • Remote access via a phone app, I check status including pre-warming in frosty weather
  • Heated steering wheel is very fast to warm as is the defrost of the front screen, so there is little need to scrape frost off
  • Most of the key driving elements can be set to a good default such as auto hand break
  • The regen paddles are excellent including the i-Pedal feature
  • Owners must make the effort to learn, take the time to adapt their lifestyle and driving attitude (for the better)
  • The seat comfort is excellent, space both front and rear is second to none
  • Easiest car I have had to clean
  • Ideal for dog owners too.


Surprise us! Tell us something people wouldn’t readily know about this car.
The vehicle to load feature (V2L) meaning with the adaptor you can plug in any electrical device such as power tools, vacuum cleaner or run a cable back into your house if you have a power cut. Also a 3 pin socket in the rear for a laptop, for example.


Rate your EV out of 5.


What car are you interested in next and why?
No plans, this is a car for the next 10 years. We tend to run a new car for that long buying at a high specification and keep well maintained.


What home charging unit do you use? Would you recommend it to others and why?
zappi – yes, recommend. Not the lowest cost but with features we may use in the future.


Rate your home charging unit out of 5.


What home electricity supplier & tariff do you use? Would you recommend it to others and why?
ScottishPower – I don’t have specific recommendations as we all have different domestic white goods use and these are as high in cost to use as a car. Each must review their own circumstances.


Rate your electricity supplier out of 5.


What public charging networks would you recommend to others and why?

  • Instavolt- reliable, reasonably fast and widely distributed
  • Not much experience of others.


List your top 3 favourite public charging networks (in order of preference).
No comment.


Who do you insure your EV with? Would you recommend them to others and why?
Admiral MultiCar for our family – achieved good value across 4 cars. I see little reason to seek specialised insurer.


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