Volkswagen ID.4 First Edition Pro Performance 2021, Mike Davies – Living with an EV: Public charging

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Mike Davies


What is the make, model and year of your EV?
Volkswagen ID.4 First Edition Pro Performance 2021


What do you think of public chargers generally?
There need to be more in less populated areas, they seem clustered in the South East. There needs to be more hubs with 4 or more chargers at each. Those two gripes aside, my limited experience of public charging is good.


What and where are your favourite public chargers?
Tesco Pod Point chargers – free to use and ubiquitous.


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What’s been your best experience with a public charger?
Engenie (now Osprey) charger in Congleton. It was my first time needing a charge to get home and it was literally turn up, plug in, contactless payment and away we go. 15 minutes gave me what I needed to get home with a comfortable buffer (EVs were new to me).


What’s been your worst experience with a public charger?
Pod Point 50kW at Tesco Congleton. This was my first attempt at public DC charging and I also needed a charge to get home. The previous user of the charger (also a newbie) managed to brick the charger whilst trying to disconnect. Pod Point’s helpline were not able to restart the charger, so I had a wasted 45 minutes and mild panic about getting home. I then had to go find another charger (see answer above about best experience).


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