Kia e-Niro Model 4 64kWh, SteveG – Living with an EV: Getting started

Kia e-Niro Model 4 64kWh, SteveG - Living with an EV: Getting started

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What is the make, model and year of your EV?
Kia e-Niro Model 4 64kWh


What got you into an EV in the first place? 
The technology mainly if I’m honest; the environmental aspects of the decision grew progressively. Also, it seemed pretty obvious to me that EVs would be the vehicle of choice for personal transport going forward into the 21C. I had just retired as well so the need to whizz about the country trying to get places as quickly as possible became less of an issue. Added to which I could see that the various grants on offer would very quickly disappear as EV take-up increased, therefore the time seemed right.


What didn’t you know to begin with? 
Quite a lot, as I’m one of those people that do lots of research before making major decisions. I did plenty of test drives, read articles for and against and attended open days whenever I could.


What did you find most confusing about EVs and how did you solve that? 
I didn’t really find anything confusing apart from perhaps the various methods and levels of charging available.


Kia e-Niro Model 4 64kWh, SteveG - Living with an EV: Getting started


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What sources of information helped you e.g. people, groups, websites etc? 
All of the above plus open days, dealership visits and test drives. The general and type-specific online groups, websites and forums were also useful and continue to be so. However, they must all be used guardedly and ideally after you’ve gained some knowledge already. IMO some of the information posted on some online group websites etc. can be inaccurate and misleading.


Why did you buy the car you did? 
It was the best of the current models available and suited my needs and lifestyle at the time.


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