Citroën AMI expands customisation options including 6 new patterns!

Citroën AMI expands customisation options

Citroën has expanded the personalisation options available on Citroën AMI, offering drivers the chance to customise their vehicle to reflect their own personality. Already an eye-catching vehicle with its toy-like appearance, diminutive size, unusual cube-like shape and symmetrical parts, the expanded range of customisation options allow drivers to make their AMI stand out even more on the road.


Citroën AMI expands customisation options



The enhanced personalisation collection includes a series of decorative graphics in six new patterns designed by the Citroën team: ‘Jungle’ to give AMI a wild side, ‘Tutti Frutti’ for your five-a-day, the ever-so-‘British Globetrotter’, ‘Camo’ for a techno look, ‘Tribe’ for nature-lovers and ‘Trendy’ to keep it chic.


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Customers in France also have the option to awaken their inner artist by creating bespoke designs from their own photos to display on their AMI. Drivers can easily apply the stickers themselves with the help of instructions contained in the accessories pack when delivered to their home.


Full details on UK customisation options, pricing and specifications will be confirmed at a later date.


To reserve your Citroën AMI in the UK, please visit the following link.


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