Cornwall crowned as Europe’s number one ‘pinned road trip destination’

Cornwall crowned as Europe’s number one ‘pinned road trip destination’

Cornwall has been revealed as the most ‘pinned’ road trip destination in Europe, according to a new study. The research conducted by Honda used Pinterest data to look at more than 650 popular destinations across Europe. The study ranked the most ‘pinned’ road trip locations based on the number of boards made for each place, as inspiration for future travel.


Cornwall was revealed as the most ‘pinned’ destination for road trips with 78 boards dedicated to the coastal county. The picturesque coast has also seen a surge in Google searches, with a 50% increase in people searching for ‘Cornwall’ from January 2021 to March 2021.


Tuscany came out second in the research, attracting visitors with its architecture, history and renaissance art. Italy topped the list for having the highest number of road trip locations feature in the top 15 with Amalfi, Rome, Sicily and Florence also appearing as top road trip locations.


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Within the UK, Scotland’s North Coast 500 is another popular choice with 18 Pinterest boards dedicated to the 518-mile Scottish route. It beats the likes of Iceland’s Ring Road and the fairy-tale-like Romantic Road in Bavaria. The Scottish Road trip also went viral on TikTok, with multiple hashtags accumulating over 16 million views.


Cornwall crowned as Europe’s number one ‘pinned road trip destination’


The top 5 ‘pinned’ road trip locations:


  1. Cornwall (78 boards) This peninsula, sometimes known as the Cornish Riviera, comprises wild moorlands and stunning beaches with crystal clear seas.
  2. Tuscany (52 boards) Boasting architecture, history and renaissance art in its capital, Florence, to its diverse countryside with beautiful mountain ranges and fields of olive trees, Tuscany offers a variety of opportunities to explore new and exciting places for every kind of traveller.
  3. Amalfi (30 boards) Set below dramatic cliffs on the Italian southwest coast, Amalfi is a stunning coastal town on the Tyrrhenian Sea with plenty of history and scenery to explore with the Sant’Andrea cathedral in the heart of the town to the medieval shipyard that has now been turned into an exhibition space.
  4. Pyrenees (22 boards) Stretching across the border of France and Spain, the Pyrenees mountain range provides hiking trails to ski resorts as well as breath-taking scenery.
  5. North Coast 500, Scotland (18 boards) Starting and ending at Inverness Castle, this 516-mile route around the North Coast of Scotland takes you through some of the most stunning coastal scenery in the UK with Caribbean-blue waters, wildlife, and mystical castles. The route truly has some of the most jaw-dropping landscapes.


The top ‘pinned’ locations to road trip ranked 6-15:

  • Rome (17)
  • Sicily (17)
  • Barcelona (17)
  • Ring Road, Iceland (16)
  • Romantic Road, Germany (16)
  • Florence (12)
  • French Riviera (12)
  • Algarve (11)
  • Bavaria (11)
  • Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland (10)


Cornwall crowned as Europe’s number one ‘pinned road trip destination’


Olivia Dunn, Head of Communications at Honda comments on the study, “After a year of putting our travelling plans on hold, we wanted to provide some inspiration for when restrictions ease.


“Using Pinterest, we were able to analyse some of the most picturesque post-lockdown holidays that can be taken by car for those looking to explore some of Europe’s most beautiful destinations


“We hope this list provides some well-needed wanderlust for all travel enthusiasts that can’t wait to get back to exploring new places!”


Please check your local government guidelines on travel before making plans.




  • An initial seed list was created by analysing varying articles from well-known travel publications that mention European Road trips.
  • Over 650 locations were identified and analysed for reoccurring destinations
  • Those destinations which appeared over 3 times were reviewed
  • These destinations were entered into the image sharing App Pinterest, using the keyword ‘road trip’, for example, ‘Rome Road Trip’
  • The boards that appeared were then counted and entered into our ranking table. Those boards containing the words ‘road trip’ only were included in the final count.



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