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At Electric Road, we are constantly amazed at the variety of new companies entering the EV market all with their own perspective and benefits but often driven by a passion for all things electric.



Buy e-cars are one example. They are a recently launched, free-to-use online service that connects electric car sellers to prospective buyers. They cover all areas of the UK and offer EV listing from both franchised dealers and independent traders. What’s different about them is in the detail as their listings display a focus on the important detail of electric cars. This includes a clear range and battery capacity which is vital as the limited range of older EVs is a concern for many first-time buyers.


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They provide the functionality to sort and filter through their listings to help users find their perfect used EV within the UK. A built-in messaging service allows buyers to contact sellers (similar to Gumtree) and they provide direct links to dealerships if you prefer to contact them directly. Importantly, both features come with no hidden fees.


They are a good source of information too! Have a read of their top tips and tricks when owning your first EV.



Tips & Tricks for EV users

Are you a first-time EV buyer in the UK? Would you like to get more from your new EV? We’ve got these tips and tricks for you to get the maximum value from your newest acquisition!


But let us help you understand the basics of your EV first.


Your new vehicle is called an EV because it derives at least some of the power that moves it from a battery inside it. When there is only a battery, with no other source of power, it is called a battery electric vehicle (BEV). When your EV combines an internal combustion engine (ICE) with a battery, it is known as a hybrid electric vehicle. Furthermore, if the battery in your hybrid can be charged by plugging into the grid, just like a BEV, it is known as a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).


As an owner of an EV, you refuel with electrons, rather than petrol or diesel. Operating your vehicle also either eliminates or reduces tailpipe emissions so you are directly helping to save the planet.


Now that you own an EV, charging the battery will become a permanent fixture of your life. Here, we will answer some questions you may have regarding charging and show you tips and tricks to get the best experience in the UK.



Home charging vs public/rapid charging

Unlike with using ICE vehicles, you have more options when it comes to charging your EV. You can do it in the comfort of your house or at a public location. Some third-party companies like Osprey, Pulse, and InstaVolt maintain a network of rapid charging stations all over the UK, just like fuel stations. Some public facilities even offer complimentary charging, to make sure you keep returning to patronize them.


The one you choose depends on your situation. The most common option in the UK is home charging as it is very convenient. You can simply plug your EV overnight and you will have enough battery to last a day. Rapid chargers though have the advantage of giving you more battery percentage in less time.


  • Tip 1: you do not need to charge your battery to 100% every day, just like you didn’t have to fill up your fuel tank each time you were at the pump. UK drivers cover 20 miles per day on the average, which means you can operate your EV conveniently by simply topping up your battery.


  • Tip 2the weather may affect your charging experience. Your EV will charge slower when the temperature is low. You may also notice a reduction in your range. This is because the chemical reactions in your battery slow down at lower temperatures. Fast public chargers and a trick known as pre-conditioning (raising the temperature of the battery before charging or driving) can help here.


  • Tip 3Use apps to locate charging opportunities. EV infrastructure in the UK is still experiencing growing pains, so you may need help to locate places where you can charge. Apps like Zap-Map can help you locate spots with rapid or destination chargers. You may take advantage of them to plan your longer trips so you never run out of battery. You may decide to stay overnight at hotels that offer EV chargers or plan your break to include charging opportunities.


  • Tip 4EVs are known for their low cost of fuelling, as electricity is cheaper than fossil fuel. However, you can save further by selecting the right electricity tariff. Some plans offer cheaper overnight rates which you can take advantage of. You can also install solar panels to save costs and go further.


  • Tip 5: Make use of regenerative braking. EVs have the advantage of producing electricity that can be stored in the battery as you drive. This may require a slight change in your driving habits but it is worth it. All you have to do is lift your foot from the accelerator to stop more than you use the brakes.


Thanks to the team at Buy e-cars for their top tips and for more information on them and to start looking for the ideal used EV for you, head on over to


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