Andersen A2 2021 – Home charging unit review

Paul uses an Andersen A2 2021 home charging unit. 


Provide your overall rating for the charging unit


Which company installed it and would you recommend them?



How much did you pay for your unit and installation?



Why did you purchase this particular unit?

Because my wife liked the way it looked.


List 3 or more points that you like about the charging unit

My wife likes it!


List 3 or more points that you don’t like about the charging unit

  • The firmware is very crude
  • the unit will not work off my solar panels
  • it managed to ruin my solar inverter.


Outline any faults you have experienced with the unit

It won’t work with solar panels. I’m now on my third replacement unit.


Tell us about your home charging routine

I used to do 10k miles a year when I was working but now I’m retired I do a lot less miles. I can just about keep the car charged overnight if the Andersen decides to work.


If you were buying a new charging unit now, what would you buy and why?

I would buy a charger that is part of the whole solar inverter and battery package and is controlled by the central system manager. As far as I know, only myenergi do this with the zappi and their Harvi, Eddi and Libbi packages.


Tell us about your electricity provider and tariff. Would you recommend them?

I’m with Octopus who are really good and listen to their customers. The car is charged overnight at 7p per kWh.


Are you part of a charger-sharing scheme for those who don’t have their own charger?



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