ORA Funky Cat achieves a 5-star Green NCAP rating

GWM ORA has achieved a 5-star Green NCAP result with the Funky Cat.


This is considered Europe’s most stringent environmental performance test.


Green NCAP, which conducts the tests, measures vehicles through three important indexes: clean air, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas. ORA Funky Cat scored 10/10, 9.5/10 and 9.8/10 respectively.



This means that ORA Funky Cat achieved an overall score of 97% which enabled it to comfortably pass the tests with the full 5-star Green rating. Most notably, ORA Funky Cat reported a grid-to-battery output at an impressive 93.2% when charging at 11kW, one of the highest recorded efficiency scores ever documented by Green NCAP. Grid to battery output is a measure of how efficient a battery is at receiving energy from the grid, a higher figure means less energy loss as part of the charging process.


Toby Marshall, Managing Director GWM ORA UK, commented: “We’re really pleased with the latest results from Green NCAP, not only did ORA Funky Cat achieve a 5 star green rating, it also set a new best value figure among Green NCAP tested vehicles. This rating is testament to the quality of the GWM ORA engineering teams and the work they put in to ensuring we deliver the best quality products to our customers.”


In addition, ORA Funky Cat performed well in the driving efficiency tests with an average energy efficiency of 19.1kWh/100km, which includes the result of the high power demand Highway Test. The lowest recorded consumption figure was 15.9kWh /100km achieved in the standard laboratory test with a cold powertrain start, followed by a very similar result in the warm start test. Both efficiency figures were awarded a 10/10 score by Green NCAP.


Speaking about the test results, Dr. Aleksandar Damyanov, Green NCAP Technical Manager said: “Some of the vehicles tested clearly demonstrate the achievements made by industry in the quest for cleaner and less climate damaging cars…the high scores of the five-star Chinese newcomers show they are ready to compete for market share.”


Green NCAP also performed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to determine the overall impact of each vehicle on the environment. Measured on Green House Gas Emissions and Primary Energy Demand using a default set of parameters, ORA Funky Cat sat on the lower end of the scale, outperforming many of its petrol and BEV counterparts. ORA Funky Cat achieved an average life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of 112.9 gCO2/km, with the highest contributor being energy supply which accounted for 49% of the output of climate changing gases.


GWM ORA also achieved very strong results in the Euro NCAP safety tests which were conducted last year. ORA Funky Cat achieved the highest score in the ‘Small Family Car’ category overall, based on its results for Adult Occupant Protection, Child Occupant Protection, Vulnerable User Protection and Safety Assist technologies. ORA Funky Cat achieved a full five star rating and was awarded the ‘best-in-class’ title.


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