Volkswagen ID.3 2020 electric car owner review

Volkswagen ID.3 2020 electric car owner review

Jim Jones drives a Volkswagen ID.3 Family Pro 58kWh 2020.

This is Jim’s first electric car, he’s owned the Volkswagen ID.3 from new and drives 5,000-10,000 miles annually. The current mileage of the car is between 10,000-20,000 miles and he achieves 210 miles from a full charge.


Why did you choose the Volkswagen ID.3?

I’ve developed an understanding of the reputation and image of the manufacturer. The VW Golf has been the answer for “What car will suit my needs?” For the new young driver, the family transport, the hot hatch fan, the practical estate & the workhorse van. The ID.3 looked to answer my question “What takes the place of a Golf?” and I delayed changing until it was available.


It has served my needs well, not missed a beat in 18,000 miles (not that it beats, more of a steady hum). However, without a home charger many benefits would have been lost, not because of the car but the unreliability and increasing cost of public charging. Some would say too much involvement of fossil fuel industry is influencing policy but I couldn’t possibly comment.


Positives – List 3 or more reasons why you love this electric car

  • Driving pleasure
  • economy
  • space.


Negatives – List 3 or more things that you really don’t like about this electric car

  • Buggy software
  • lack of promised update to meet expectations
  • tyre wear on OEM Bridgestones.


Volkswagen ID.3 2020 electric car owner review


Have you experienced any faults with the car? If so, what have they been?

Occasional warning lights for no identifiable reason. Cleared at next start.


What are the standout technological features of the car?

  • Instant torque
  • Apple CarPlay
  • adaptive cruise control.

All together they equal safe & speedy progress.


Surprise us! Tell us something people wouldn’t readily know about this electric car

Smooth, controllable power.


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What electric car(s) are you interested in next and why?

KIA Niro EV – range and interior quality.


Home charging unit – outline both positive & negative elements

  • Neat appearance on the front of the house
  • programmable scheduling (car still not able to do this itself)
  • readable usage and cost via tables and graphs.


Volkswagen ID.3 2020 electric car owner review


Electricity supplier & tariff – outline both positive & negative elements

Octopus Go. 7.5p per kWh from 00.30 to 04.30. This makes my average rate less than 22p. Best in the business!


What public charging networks would you recommend to others and why?

  • InstaVolt for reliability
  • Pod Point & GeniePoint – unreliable (none of the Halifax GeniePoints are working currently)
  • Dragon – stay time too restrictive for such low kW chargers.


Insurer – outline both positive & negative elements

LV= this year when Direct Line went up 30% (no claims, full NCD). Not claimed from LV= but price was good and service is fine.


Please itemise where you’re saving money (or not) owning & running a Volkswagen ID.3

  • Fuel cost 10% of dinosaur juice
  • road fund £0
  • insurance the same
  • maintenance 50% less
  • saving £100 per month.


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