Company Spotlight 4 – Electric Zoo

Company Spotlight 4 - Electric Zoo

Lash Saranna Co-Founder & CEO, established Electric Zoo in 2018 alongside Charnjit Saranna.


Their headquarters are in Coventry, West Midlands with a hub in Glasgow too. There are currently 10 employees at Electric Zoo.


Company Spotlight 4 - Electric Zoo
Lash Saranna, Co-Founder & CEO


What does Electric Zoo do?

We offer electric cars on subscription.


What are your main products/services?

Supply of electric cars on subscription and salary sacrifice.


Company Spotlight 4 - Electric Zoo


What is it about your products/services that makes them unique?

Affordability, accessibility & flexibility.


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How do you deliver a great customer experience?

Personal service for the transition from ICE to EV.


How is your company helping the growth of the wider EV market?

We are helping to increase the uptake of EVs by letting consumers try EVs for one month at a time, no long-term commitment required.


Company Spotlight 4 - Electric Zoo


How have you learned from your mistakes?

Don’t let your heart rule your head.


What do your customers say about you?

“The team at Electric Zoo are brilliantly knowledgeable and a complete pleasure to deal with.” – Neil Curtis


“This is clearly the future of cars. We were able to lease a great Nissan LEAF for 3 months at a really reasonable rate.” – Ronan Leyden


“Great and innovative way for a company leasing cars and you always feel like part of the family.” – Jim Mackie.


Company Spotlight 4 - Electric Zoo


What are your main challenges and how are you facing up to those?

  • Finance – we are going for Series A Funding shortly
  • Premises –  This will allow us to grow our HQ in Coventry to better support our Glasgow Hub and launch our London Hub in Q4 2022
  • People – we want to grow our team with like-minded people who are passionate about EVs, the environment and sustainability.


How are you improving your products/services e.g. emerging technology?

  • Our platform allows you to choose the car, choose the term & click & collect. This can be done on your phone or from the comfort of your sofa
  • The launch of our new App will allow your phone to be used to unlock, drive and lock your car, check battery charge state and find the nearest charge point etc.


Company Spotlight 4 - Electric Zoo


What is next for your company?

Growth of Electric Zoo with people and premises to help save our planet with the growth of zero-emission cars.


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