GreenFlux & Osprey Charging establish roaming connection helping 90,000 drivers

GreenFlux establish roaming connection helping 90,000 drivers

GreenFlux, a leading provider of EV charging software and services, has signed a roaming agreement with Osprey Charging Network, opening the UK rapid-charging network to nearly 90,000 EV drivers.


The agreement is expected to be a key enabler of cross-channel charging across Europe and the UK, with Osprey being among the first few major UK networks to open its chargers at this scale to drivers from mainland Europe.


Osprey operate one of the largest fast-charging networks in the UK, with more than 300 chargers in over 180 locations. Their charging network spans across the entire country, from Cornwall in the south-west to Perthshire in Scotland. Osprey’s charging stations are co-located with food & beverage and retail venues in towns and along major motorways and A-roads.


As part of the roaming agreement, drivers served by each of GreenFlux’s EMSP customers can seamlessly access all 300 chargers, and Osprey’s future charge points (set to double in 2022), using their usual apps and charge cards.


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One GreenFlux customer benefiting from the agreement is DKV Mobility, a leading full-service e-mobility service provider for commercial vehicle fleets across Europe. With this agreement, DKV Mobility can expand its service offering for fleets in the UK, by allowing drivers to access Osprey’s chargers.


“One of Osprey’s core values is inclusivity for all drivers, and part of the way we achieve this is through being an open-access network. We believe by facilitating roaming with like-minded partners such as GreenFlux we can play a leading role in the electrification of transport – by giving fleet operators, companies who cross borders, and long-distance drivers, a charge point network they can rely on away from home,” says Dora Clarke, Head of Marketing & Communications at Osprey. “Opening up our charging points to European drivers on this scale with GreenFlux is a UK-first and we’re proud to be doing it.”


“The partnership with Osprey is the latest in a series of international connections, and an important step towards increasing our roaming coverage in the UK,” says Dan Pezim, Product Manager Billing & Roaming at GreenFlux. “With this agreement, we enhance the value provided to our platform customers, and help make EV charging more convenient for drivers.”


GreenFlux’s platform customers leverage its roaming services to quickly expand their customer and geographic reach, monetise their unique business models, and deliver outstanding charging experiences.



About GreenFlux

A leader in the international electric vehicle (EV) market since 2011, GreenFlux offers EV charging software and services to charge point operators and e-mobility service providers. GreenFlux supports these businesses to scale quickly, providing a flexible, future-proof platform to manage charge stations and customers, optimise their operational capabilities, and deliver an excellent charging experience for drivers. GreenFlux is active in twenty-one countries across five continents and has powered over 2 billion electric kilometres through its platform.


About Osprey Charging Network

Osprey Charging Network is a UK-wide, rapid electric vehicle charging network. Osprey fund, install and manage their network on behalf of landlord partners. The Osprey network is built to provide a trusted and comfortable experience: reliable, open-access and easy-to-use charge points are conveniently located on major routes and with nearby amenities. All Osprey chargers accept contactless payments, App payments, RFID payments and payment through all major third-party payment methods including fleet cards and roaming partners. Every charging point is also powered by 100% renewable electricity. More information on Osprey can be found at


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