Honda e Advance 2020, Rusty – Living with an EV: Home charging

Honda e Advance 2020, Rusty - Living with an EV: Home charging

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What is the make, model and year of your EV?

Honda e Advance 2020


Tell us about your home charging set-up

I have the EO Mini wall charger with a tethered cable. I didn’t look at all the options available but this is one of the choices from Octopus Energy who did the install and it looks quite discreet so I liked it. The advantage of using tethered is obviously that you don’t have to fiddle about unplugging and storing the cable each time you use it. It takes about 5 seconds to plug in and the same to unplug.


Tell us about your home charging routine

I use it daily for commuting with a 30 mile round trip so I do 150 miles a week. I always plug in if I need to maintain 25% charge which will easily get me to work and back.


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Are you part of a charger-sharing scheme for those who don’t have their own charger?



Tell us about your electricity provider and tariff

Octopus GO tariff. I only charge at night when I get 5p/kWh. It costs me just over £6 per month for 600 miles of driving.


Are you planning on changing your charger and/or electricity supplier and if so to who and why?



Estimate how much money you save per month owning and running an EV compared to an ICE car?

£1,500 per year in petrol saved and servicing and insurance is much cheaper, so approx. £1,800 per year. I believe depreciation is lower too but I don’t have the figures to calculate that.


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