Electric Together – delivering better outcomes for everyone on an EV journey

Electric Together – delivering better outcomes for everyone on an EV journey

Electric Road came across Electric Together while doing some research and we were so interested by their unique proposition that we chatted to James Ellis-Brown, one of the co-founders of Electric Together, to find out more.


Electric Together is a small group of creative, software and electric car enthusiasts who want to help people transition to electric vehicles. As Electric Road recognise on a daily basis, the transport industry is going through one of the most significant changes since the horse-drawn carriage was replaced by the combustion car. Now electric vehicles are taking us to the next phase and the transition for people can be as intimidating as it was back at the turn of the 20th Century.


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We are sure similar questions and thoughts were raised then as they are now, such as, “Where can we refuel them?”, “They’re expensive to buy!”, “What do I need to run one?” There are now a quarter of a million pure electric cars (BEVs) on the UK roads today, which is a fantastic achievement, but that is only half a per cent of the 32,000,000 fossil fuel cars still on the roads. Therefore, there are a lot of drivers who are unsure about the change and for various reasons.


People have a lot of questions about electric cars as there’s clearly a growing interest in them given the increasing numbers. We are seeing quite a few models coming to market now and we all pass by them on our daily commute, local journeys and longer travels. As an EV driver himself, James sometimes gets stopped and asked about his with such questions as, “What’s the range? What’s it like to drive? Where do you charge it?” And that got James and his business partner, Arjo Ghosh, thinking.


He said, “What if I could simply share a link with them? Then they could see my car, the home charger I use, the local public chargers I subscribed to and my renewable energy supplier. I could share my EV set-up! We could even expand this out a bit more. What if the visitor could search for other EVs after viewing mine, then they could explore other EV set-ups. It would help them to discover which products are recommended by ‘real’ owners for each of the cars.”


“They could also see which groups are in their local area and contact owners through their social media profiles. Talk about a shortcut to figure out what you need!” This makes looking up which products go best with each EV really easy. James and his business partner shortcut these problems by bringing existing EV owner knowledge into one simple space.


Here’s James’s EV, products and dashboard below:


Electric Together – delivering better outcomes for everyone on an EV journey

Electric Together – delivering better outcomes for everyone on an EV journey


Click on the products in any owner profile and get quotes there and then. You can even use the owner’s embedded referral codes to get discounts. The process doesn’t stop there either. When you’ve bought your own EV, you can create your Electric Together profile and memorable username (your link), add your EV, select the products and add in your referral codes. Keep a tab on how many visits and how many times your referral codes were used inside your profile dashboard.


They are continuing to develop the app and will be adding new features, more product choices, possibly allowing users to add custom products such as alloy wheels or custom wraps too. It’s clearly all about sharing know-how so it would be great for them to have more people using the app. The more they do, the more ‘real’ owner recommended products will help new users make the best product choices. Electric Road was really impressed with the vision James and Arjo had for Electric Together in wanting to help others make the journey into an EV more seamless and pain-free. It’s about delivering better outcomes for all. As James said towards the end of our conversation, “You don’t have to do this on your own. This is why we called it Electric Together!”


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