Citroen e-Relay order book opens starting from £49k

Citroen e-Relay order book opens starting from £49k

Citroën’s biggest and most capacious van is now available to order in the UK with a choice of two all-electric drivetrains. The introduction of ë-Relay fulfils the brand’s electrification commitment to offer 100% electric versions of each Citroën LCV by the end of 2021. Basic prices for the new battery-powered ë-Relay start from £49,335 (after the Government Plug-in-Van Grant is applied and excluding VAT).


New ë-Relay is available exclusively in well-appointed ‘Enterprise’ trim and can be ordered as a Panel Van, Window Van or Chassis Cab, to suit a wide variety of fleet and business needs. Panel Vans are available in L2 (5,413mm), L3 (5,998mm) and L4 (6,363mm) lengths, while the Window Van is offered exclusively in L4 form. Chassis Cabs come in the most popular L3 length only.


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Customers have a choice of two Lithium-ion battery packs, a 37kWh battery connected to a 120hp (90kW) electric motor available exclusively in the L2 Panel Van, or a 70kWh battery unit connected to the same 120hp (90kW) motor for all other body types. The 37kWh battery provides a WLTP certified range of up to 73 miles in the L2 Panel Van, while the 70kWh battery increases range up to 139 miles under WLTP testing for L3 and L4 variants.


All new Citroën ë-Relay models feature a Type 2 charging cable as standard, supporting charging up to 22kW. A full charge from a 7kW wallbox unit will take 6 and 12 hours respectively for the 37kWh and 70kWh versions. Both battery packs also support up to 50kW rapid charging.


Ideal for fleet and business use, the 100% electric new ë-Relay offers lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to an equivalent combustion engine-powered vehicle. Savings include substantially reduced fuel costs, servicing costs and taxation rates. New ë-Relay also benefits from the UK Government Plug-in-Van Grant (PIVG) of up to £16,000, whilst also enjoying exemption from current congestion and ultra-low emissions charges.


Citroen e-Relay order book opens starting from £49k




New ë-Relay is Citroën’s largest electric van, with Panel Van versions offering a payload of up to 1,150kg. All internal load volumes are identical to equivalent Relay Diesel vans, ensuring no compromise in capability and capacity.



Body Style & Trim level Length & Height Version Load Length at Floor Level (mm) Maximum Indicative Payload (kg) Load Volume (m3)



Panel Van Enterprise


L2H2 ë-Relay 35 Heavy L2H2 37kWh 3,120 1,070 11.5
L3H2 ë-Relay 35 Heavy L3H2 70kWh 3,705 740 13
L3H2 ë-Relay 40 Heavy L3H2 70kWh 3,705 1,150 13
L4H2 ë-Relay 40 Heavy L4H2 70kWh 4,070 1,150 15
Window Van Enterprise L4H2 ë-Relay 40 Heavy L4H2 70kWh 4,070 1,150 15



Equipment & specification

All new ë-Relay vans come in popular ‘Enterprise’ trim as standard. Extremely well appointed, these models feature a 5-inch colour touchscreen with DAB radio and integrated satellite navigation, as well as air conditioning and a perimetric alarm. For ease of use, rear parking sensors are also included.


Instead of a conventional gear lever, three buttons allow the driver to select the vehicle driving mode (D, N, R). To obtain key information relating to the vehicle’s efficiency, all new ë-Relay models boast a specific rear view mirror (exclusive to electric versions), that displays key information to the driver, including battery charge level and range.


New ë-Relay differs from its Diesel counterparts with a bespoke ‘ë’ Monogram at the rear. The vehicle’s charging port is located to the rear of the passenger door on the nearside.




Body Style Version Basic MRRP VAT Total MRRP PIVG Basic MRRP after PIVG OTR MRRP after PIVG

Panel Van

ë-Relay 35 Heavy L2H2 37kWh £55,335 £11,067 £66,402 £6,000 £49,335 £61,247
ë-Relay 35 Heavy L3H2 70kWh £61,085 £12,217 £73,302 £6,000 £55,085 £68,147
ë-Relay 40 Heavy L3H2 70kWh £74,355 £14,871 £89,226 £16,000 £58,355 £74,071
ë-Relay 40 Heavy L4H2 70kWh £75,255 £15,051 £90,306 £16,000 £59,255 £75,151
Window Van ë-Relay 40 Heavy L4H2 70kWh £75,750 £15,150 £90,900 £16,000 £59,750 £75,745

Chassis Cab

ë-Relay 35 Heavy L3 70kWh £58,010 £11,602 £69,612 £6,000 £52,010 £64,457
ë-Relay 40 Heavy L3 70kWh £71,280 £14,256 £85,536 £16,000 £55,280 £70,381


The 37kWh and 70kWh batteries in the new ë-Relay are covered by an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty.


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